Tough Class…

I had two tough classes this week.

Monday I was teaching Aqua, and the wind was SO bad that it picked up and threw the portable stereo into the pool!!

Oh my goodness!

And it’s not a light thing. It must weight a good 10kg or more! (See, I’m not just whining about the wind for no reason, it was CRAZY bad!)

Luckily this is a portable and rechargable stereo, which means no mains power, so no one got electrocuted.

Phiew! Dodged that bullet!

But the stereo clearly did not want to work after the impact plus drenching, so I had to teach the class without music.

And we were only 5 minutes in!


I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to teach a choreographed class without music before, but it’s freakin’ hard!

A couple of the ladies sung a few of the songs, which was really fun, but wow, it was hard to keep it lively and interesting.

Anywho, we got through it and had a good workout in the end.

After work I went home and practiced Balance again. I did my fresh tracks a few times, including abs, backs, twists and forward folds.

Over and over.

And then I taught class. It was great! Good numbers – 12 people – and I didn’t do too bad with all the new moves. (I stuffed up a few times, but I actually kept it to myself for once, so no one was the wiser!! Go me! hehe)

Anyway, when I got home I was shocked at how sore my back was. Not ‘damaged’ sore, but ‘worked hard’ sore. My rhomboids and traps are really tight.

In fact, when I laid in bed on my back, I could feel the muscles ache with each breath in.

Now that’s a tough back workout!!

So this morning at Attack, I was a bit wusy on my upper body tracks. Ended up doing really easy tricep pushups and falling on my face once during chest pushups and having to go back to box-style pushups.

That’s okay, though. It’s a good sore. 🙂

Anyone wanna give me a massage?


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