Oh, I have some work to do now…

So, Thursday was a public holiday! Australia Day!

Advance Australia Fair, put another shrimp on the barbie, and all that …

And it was so freakin’ hot we hid inside with the air conditioning on and watched cricket and tennis. Two spectator sports that make we want to have a nap.

I don’t know how humans evolved in such a way as to require air conditioning and ice cream to survive a hot day, but that’s how it worked out. šŸ™‚ Nature is truly a wondrous thing!Ā I even drove to THREE different shops to hunt down some ice cream. It was foolish of me to not have some on hand, truly. What was I thinking?

Anyway, due to the multitude of stationary hours, I spent a lot of time browsing the interwebs, and stumbled upon this site called The Lazy Runner. Just my style.

Anyway, I got to reading and browsing this site, and I got inspired!!

I got excited!!

I even got my running shoes on and went for a run!!

I started looking at it, and started looking at some of the events. I was checking out some of the runs in Canada. Did you know there’s a run every month except December in Canada – and that doesn’t include all the snow-shoe and cross-country ski events? They look fun!

And IĀ started looking atĀ The Lazy RunnersĀ running weekends and running getaways, and thought that they would be so much fun!

And then I started looking at theĀ WA half marathon schedule… and I startedĀ writing down dates in my calendar. I started thinking about this year, and somewhere in the space of that day I jumped my ambition from running a half-marathon to running a full marathon in October.

October 21st 2012 on Rottness Island.

I hear it’s a terribly hot, hilly and windy run.

Yeah, but hey, if you’re going to run a marathon, it might as well be a challenge šŸ˜›

So, currently the dates locked in my calendar – my running targets –Ā are:

  • 14 April10km run – 78 days from now – I haven’t got an exact event here, but I want to run a sub-60 10k by this weekend. I don’t care if it’s 59:59, that’s still sub-60!
  • 15 MayBunbury Half-Marathon – 107 days from now. This is a ‘we’ll see how we go’ event. They have shorter runs, and I may need to do one of them instead, but from the training I did for Blackwood, I found 10km to be the biggest hurdle, and after that, 20km seemed so much more feasible. I’m hoping with the careful training plan I am working on that this will work out the same this year.
  • 10th JuneAlbany Half-Marathon – 135 days from now. This will be a VERY hilly run, so I am hoping I have the Bunbury Half under my belt, which will be much flatter, so I know the distance is in me.
  • 21st OctoberRottness Marathon – 268 days from now. Yeah. What else can I say?

So, this will be my year of running.

I am going to run a marathon.

What the?

What’s cool is that running will help me lose weight and body fat (hello 6-pack abs!), but I want to look toned and awesome too. Marathoners can look pretty skeletal, but I hope I don’t look like that. I intend to have a well-rounded program including weights, intervals, flexibility and LSD.

For a visual, check out barronbodyblast’s article on Aerobic vs Anaerobic exercise. I want to look like Example “B” thank you very much!

Maybe I should take up pole vaulting instead?

Nah, I’ll stick with this for the year … or the next 268 days at least.

If you’re wondering why I picked a date in October, and not in December, it’s not a weather thing. It’s because the pool opens in November and I want to commit myself to swimming next season. I am pretty sure I’ll be ready for a break from running in a BIG way by then!

So, get ready for lots of posts whingeing about how sore my legs are, about losing toenails, about running in the dark, and the rain, and loads of self-doubt and questioning my motives, sanity and commitment.

But I think we’ll make it.


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