Pipe Dreams

What do you dream about?

Last night I dreamt I was a plumber.

I know? What’s that about? A plumber? Actually, an apprentice plumber.

And I did a nice job installing a small pedestal vanity sink.

Do you ever dream of a different life or career?

I do all the time!

Now, where I am is completely different from anything I ever imagined my life, but here I am, and it’s actually pretty cool most of the time. But it doesn’t stop me from dreaming of another life or career.

Here’s a few different pipe dreams I’ve had over the last few years:

Δ Running a horse boarding, dog kennel and cattery. Such a 24/7 kind of job, but would be really cool! Lots of animals, being outside, just a steady day of movement and activity. Other than the fact that I’d love to be around the animals, I feel like that would also give me the resources to help animals in need. I always imagine there being a special place for a resuce at all times.

Δ Beach Life. Yeah, being a bit more of a bum, working at some flexible job, like being a check-out-chick, so that I have lots of free time to swim, surf, paddle. This would mean moving to the beach and living a bit more frugally, but would it matter?

Δ Own a Wellness Coaching business and guide clients to health, wellness and fitness. Yeah, this one is pretty in-line with what I am doing now, so makes the most sense…. but then I got talking with some family members and it started to get a bit bigger…

Δ And we came up with a B&B for fitness enthusiasts. Imagine a place where healthy food, and physical activities, adventure, training, and relaxation were all on the cards. Would you pay for that? How cool would that be?

Δ The Olde Mill. Katanning has this old flour mill that’s been shut down for like 100 years, and it’s a historical site that needs a purpose again. I’d love to refurbish it back to working condition and mill organic flours. We could sell the flour, plus have a bakery that bakes using more traditional methods (hand churned butter and stone ground flour anyone?), and include wholefoods and organic produce…. carry on from that, and you could turn into an Earth First eco shop! Now that’s such a good idea… all I need is $1million….

Oh, there are so many thinks I could think!

I mean, these are only the good ideas. The ones that get more than a passing glance. The ones I thought, “You know, that could really work!”

I find it interesting how varried these different jobs/careers/lifestyles are.

Although, I suppose other than the ‘Beach Bum’ they’re all about owning a business, working like a fiend, and creating a wonderful experience for someone.

If you had to choose something different from what you are doing now, what would you choose? Go ahead! Go off and dream big!


2 responses to “Pipe Dreams

    • Thanks so much for your comment!
      What were you doing before you switched directions and followed your dreams? What inspired you to get into fitness?
      (BTW, I am loving your food experiment. What a great idea!)

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