50 Things I’m Putting Off

I read a great post from Time Management Ninja

Now I know it’s kind of cheating to just copy and paste a post, but why mess with something good? This is so true!!

50 Things You’re Putting Off That You’ll Regret Later
1.Doing the #1 task on your todo list.
2.Making that phone call.
3.Getting the car maintenance done.
4.Fixing something that is out-of-order.
5.Going to the doctor.
6.Getting enough sleep.
7.Pursuing your dreams.
8.Reading a book.
9.Spending time with someone you care about.
10.Going for a walk.
11.Going to see the person you need to talk to.
13.Telling the truth.
14.Confronting something from your past.
15.Doing something for your future.
16.Saving money.
17.Learning something new.
18.Answering that email.
19.Getting your degree.
20.Working on your resume.
21.Finding a new job.
22.Doing something that you are passionate about.
23.Putting yourself first.
24.Getting a life… yours.
25.Facing a fear.
26.Starting your hobby.
27.Losing weight.
28.Taking time off from work.
29.Helping someone who needs it.
30.Appreciating your family.
31.Setting goals for yourself.
32.Testing and stretching your limits.
33.Eating a healthy meal.
34.Enjoying some quiet time.
35.Traveling someplace you have never been.
36.Doing something you have never done.
37.Talking to someone you don’t know, but want to.
38.Starting a new habit.
39.Stopping a bad habit.
40.Cleaning up your desk.
41.Donating something to charity.
42.Writing in your journal.
43.Going to see a friend.
44.Emptying the garage.
45.Talking the dog for a walk.
46.Playing with your kids.
47.Taking your spouse on a date.
48.Doing something on your bucket list.
49.Standing up for yourself.
50.Telling someone you love them.

Do any of these resonate with you?

The ones that jumped out and got me were:

1. Doing the #1 thing on my todo list. Often I spend the day doing ‘what comes up’ and miss out on the things I had on the list in the first place. Best laid plans and all are for naught if I don’t take the time to say “I’m sorry, I really need to focus on this, can we schedule this for later?”

3. Car maintenance. I don’t recall the last time my lighter worked (which makes it impossible to charge ipods, phones, etc) and the passendger door lock sometimes gets stupid and won’t lock, and the oil… well don’t get me started on that. Oh and that wobble that probably means I need to get my tyres balanced and rotated. Really, it’s time to book the car in for a service!

7. Pursuing your dreams. Yeah… a whole big post in itself, wouldn’t you say?

8. Reading a book. Now, I love to read, but in fact there is one book, “The Shack,” that I have been putting off. It’s been on my bedside for more months than I care to think about. I really should just get it read.

12. Exercising! Need I say more?

26. Starting a hobby. I have talked about calligraphy, horse riding, and a million other things. Sometimes I think I could try crochet or cross-stitch. But nothing ever comes of it.

27. Lose weight. See point 12.

33. Eat healthy. Seeing a trend? It’s not that I don’t do these things, it’s just that I put off doing them consistently until they become a habit and a lifestyle.

35. Travel somewhere you’ve never been. Yes! Hello! I am getting such itchy feet! I don’t want to spend the next years watching my world become smaller and more closed in. I want to expand and absorb new things! Travel opens so many things up, so many opportunities, and creativity!

45. Take your dog for a walk. Poor MD. Since my failed attempts at going without a car for 7 consecutive days, I don’t think I’ve taken him for a walk. Mat did once or twice, but me? Nada. He’s getting on in years. It won’t be long before he won’t be able to walk with me, and not long after that I won’t be enjoying his company at all anymore. I will miss him when he’s gone and I will regret not spending more time with him.

47. Take your spouse on a date. Amen brother! Mat and spend time together, and go places together, but we haven’t been out for lunch, or on a trip just for us to get away together for ages. It’s overdue. Long overdue.

48. Do something on your bucket list. Granted, I’ve only had my bucket list up for a few weeks, but still, there must be something I can be aiming at crossing off it!

And those are just the ones that made me go “Oh yeah! Guilllll-TEE!!”

Don’t Regret It, Instead Do It

There is never enough time to do it all.

Stop putting these things off today.

Do what you need to do. And what you have been meaning to do.

You might not get another chance.

So, what are you putting off? Will you start on it now?


2 responses to “50 Things I’m Putting Off

  1. 16. I know, but traveling is so much fun! And clothes!
    29. I need to get (back into) volunteering. Presto.

    That’s … actually about it. I’m not a bit procrastinator. 🙂 I have other baggage for sure, but that’s not one of them.

    • That is so cool! I think you’re really lucky to not be a procrastinator.
      I know that part of me thrives on the pressure of a deadline and that’s some of the reason for putting things off, but other times, it’s really just a matter of skewed priorities. Something *feels* more important – work seems to do that to me all the time – but in the end, is work *really* going to matter so much that it’s worth hurting a friendship, relationship, or health and happiness?

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