Is this gout? And other wonderings…

My feet have the weirdest sensation, as if there is a ‘ball’ or ‘lump’ under the ball of my feet, and yet, when I palpate, there is nothing there, just the sensation, but no discernable physical abnormality.

At Attack tonight, there were a few times when it hurt so much I had to stop, or go to a low option, just because my feet ached so bad! But I got through that Attack class, the second one of the year, and am quite pleased. There were only six of us there tonight. Six brave souls who came and pushed ourselves. It is hot and sweaty these days, and a real challenge to get through the class. Just finishing is a great accomplishment in itself.

But my feet had me really worried. Too much food and too little exercise could give me gout, I bet, couldn’t it??

I’m probably just being paranoid.



Before class I went home and did a little gardening, as per my ‘better use of my evenings’ plan. I decided to focus on the front garden and got a whole wheelbarrow full of grass that was growing in the garden beds.

Why does grass seem to grow so well in the garden, and so poorly on the lawn?

It’s amazing what a difference 30 minutes can make in the garden!


While I was weeding I discovered a little green frog. Can you see him in the picture below? Don’t know what kind he is so I’ll just call it a cute little bright green frog. I’m not very imaginative. 😛


In other news…

The other night I was teaching a Balance class and a girl who has been once or twice before came in shorty jean shorts. Not such a big deal, I didn’t think much of it except that maybe they weren’t the best fitness wear. But then during the hip track I look over and I think …. “Oh my goodness, she’s not wearing any underwear!”

Seriously! I couldn’t look at her anymore for the remainder of class. I think a few of the ladies behind her noticed because they were avoiding looking in her direction, too!

How embarassing! I mean, I know it’s hot, and maybe undies aren’t all that comfy, but chickie, you’re going to be sitting with spread legs and your butt in the air and you know that!

It reminds me of the Was-Jig puzzle we did at Christmas with my Aunt. A Was-Jig puzzle has a picture that is the ‘clue’ on the box. You have to create the puzzle that actually tells you ‘the rest of the story.’

So the picture on the box has two people at a ball room dance competition doing a tango, and she’s in a big dip, leg extended in the air…

and on the other side of the room a man is rushing towards them with a pair of nickers in his hand!

Yikes! It’s like those terrible “showing up at school naked” dreams… ever had those?

Although it might be too personal, are you a commando exerciser or must have nickers on? Ever been in the awkward situation like the kind above?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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