As good as a holiday!

I’ve been back at work for a whole two days now.

After four weeks away I feel so much more open and happy and relaxed at work.

Sure, there’s plenty to catch up on, and I’ve got my plate full, but right now I feel full of energy and enthusiasm.

They always say,

“A change is as good as a holiday”

and I feel like I got a little of both: change and holiday, that is.

I love this feeling, of being refreshed and charged up.

Heck, I’m even smiling without trying.

I hope it lasts for ages and ages!


In other news, I need to get on top of my action steps for my resolutions, in particular, programming for my workouts.

This morning I got up early with the vague idea in mind that “I’ll get up and workout” but when I got up early I couldn’t decide between a run or a bike ride or maybe some weights … so I didn’t do anything at all.

Then I promised myself that I would run after work.

But I didn’t.

(Don’t worry, it wasn’t a total fail.)

It was really nice so I went for a swim instead. I know I will miss the pool when the weather changes and it closes.

Even though I mostly faffed around, and only swam maybe 200 meters, I did do some treading water intervals.

I tread water for 60 seconds with no hands and then 10 seconds pushing my shoulders up as high out of the water as I could. I did that three times until my shins started to hurt.

I am out of swim condition.

I wonder if the Swim Club will accept grown ups? And would I survive a swim club training session? Those kids get seriously flogged by the coach. I laughed at the idea of me trying to keep up with those little water babies. I might just look into it.

Anyway, I digressed again.

The point of this was to say that the problem with not having a specific plan is that it’s just too easy for me to do nothing when I am not focused.

So it’s time for me to log off and write up my exercise program!

What works for you? Can you just ‘wing it’ with a general idea or do you need a plan?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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