Goals for 2012

I have three goals in 2012:

  1. Get 6-Pack Abs
  2. Ride my Horse
  3. Rebuild my self-confidence

Everything else is gravy: the house, work, friendships, gardens, travel, finances… all going to keep going on in the background, but I don’t want to divide my attention up too much or spread myself too thin.

And I feel like doing 1 and 2 will really be the catalyst for item 3.

So, I have until December 31st to be able to work out in a crop top with the full belly showing with pride, to have ridden my horse in some form of competition without fear of mounting or running away, and to have exiled self-doubt to the shadows of my psyche.

Some of the steps along the way:

Get 6-Pack Abs:

  • Diet: calculate BRM, get to know average energy values of my most common foods, eat a healthy variety of foods, manage cravings and opportunistic eating habits, and eat less processed foods.
  • Exercise: 2x Weight training, 1x plyometrics, 2-3x intense intervals and speed work, 2-3x LSD (train for a 5km race, a 10km race, a half marathon, and if my body permits, a full marathon),PT session 1x every 2 weeks. Body Balance, fitness classes, rowing, swimming and cycling for cross-training and fun.
  • Look at competition schedules for races to create motivational targets
  • Keep in touch with Jaimee and Alana who are also working on same goal for support and encouragement
  • Write a training schedule and macro-meso-micro cycle plan! Treat myself like a client!

There isn't a lot of western riding done here, so I will probably have to look at dressage

Ride My Horse in Competition:

  • Clear round yard, grade and fill with sand and/or wood chips
  • Take TK to trainers to do a week of restarting and then have a lesson with them working on my mounting fear
  • Enlist the services of a riding instructor and get a weekly lesson that is set in stone
  • Have one practice session per week that is set in stone
  • Enlist the help of a friend who is going through a similar problem and work together to support each other
  • Look at competition and clinic schedule and select events to take TK to. First expose him to environment without riding, then with riding but not in competition and finally, ride to compete.
  • Why in competition? Why not just for fun? Because the competition will drive me to practice and work to overcome fears to accomplish the goal, where doing it just for fun gives me the excuse not to ride: “Riding isn’t fun when it’s scary.” My hope is that I will get over my fear and then riding will become fun again!

Regain my Confidence

  • Riding my horse and feeling better about my physical appearance and abilities will be a big start
  • Use daily affirmations to boost confidence
  • Look into confidence building techniques and implement those that seem most practical
  • Review and record capabilities and experiences to remind myself of accomplishments and abilities
  • Enlist additional support if needed

Yeah, I think that’s plenty to work on for now.

Have you set big goals for 2012? What’s on your agenda?


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