Don’t Push the Universe

This week we had a few things go a little off kilter. No big deal, it’s the holiday season, and we had time, but Mat said something that I really liked:

When the Universe pushes, don’t push back.

Thursday was the last day of school. We did training kids and adolescents, so mostly we played games and got silly. Not a bad way to spend the last day of school before Christmas break. However, we did get out late, and my plans to get Mat’s Christmas presents were nearly thwarted – once again – by a bus that failed to show up! This time the 4:20 didn’t make it. Weird…

Anywhoodle, Mat picked me up and we headed straight back to Katanning, with the intention of getting the cat out of the hospital the next morning at about 9am, and then organise ourselves and leave for Margaret River before noon.

But the Universe gave us a little push.

First thing Friday morning, we headed out to feed the horses and check on the big hay bales and discovered that there were three wires broken on the back fence. This led us to look at Nero, a notorious fence breaker, and yes, he had been caught up, both hind legs in the back fence. So we had to fix the fence, and clean and patch up the horse.

Now it’s nearly noon and we go to pick up the Scratch from the vets, who has been recovering from surgery from a big abscess, and he is going to need medication twice daily for the next several days. It might be a bit much to ask our neighbour to medicate and feed the cat and horse. We decided to wait it out and see how everyone was healing.

Instead of getting worked up about not getting away on holidays, we decided that the Universe was giving us a big push to stay home, and it was probably not a good idea to push back.

I was quite content to stay anyway, because I had been away for the last two weeks and was really happy to be home. We did some gardening and mowed the lawn, whipper snipped, and generally just puttered about.

Mat did some work on the cat cage for the new kitties at his parents place (see photos from last post) and when we finally did leave on Saturday, it was when we were ready and confident that the cat and horse were going to be fine and our neighbour was going to be able to take good care of them.

We spent four days in Margaret River, enjoying the weather, the swimming pool, and far too much food, as we tend to do at Christmas! I’m actually having trouble going back to a regular eating pattern, because we just sat around and nibbled all day from start to stop! The good news is that I went for two good walks in the wee hours when the house was all asleep. Though it may have been only a small impact on four days of feasting, at least it was something!

So now it’s time to get back on track and focus again.

How did you go over Christmas? Over-indulge? Did you still work out?


2 responses to “Don’t Push the Universe

  1. Wow, it sounds like you had a trying Christmas I am glad that you did get to enjoy some time away finally. I checked out your pictures in your 12-31 post, poor babies! I was happy to hear that they are on the mend you certainly won’t soon forget these last couple of weeks.

    The working out has been pretty much non-existent unless you can count multiple errands being run or possibly trips to the refrigerator. The holiday eating well I started out thinking carefully about what I was eating but now it has come to the point of starting most days with a cookie, I am pretty sure that is never a good strategy.

    But thankfully work will start again and the holiday treats will be depleted or tossed! Whew! And then fortunately recommit, recommit!!

    Happy New Year! Jane

    • Happy New Year to you Jane! 🙂 I hope it’s been wonderful – and far less painful than mine has been. No biggie, really. Nothing permanent or life threatening, thank goodness!
      I love your ‘multiple trips to the refrigerator’ comment. I hear that sister!!
      But I’m here for my course which is all about fitness, so I guess it’s time to start walking-the-walk!
      Healthy living – back on!!

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