Merry Christmas – even if a little late

We went away for a few days and were out of touch with the digital universe. Other than a Holmes on Homes marathon, we didn’t spend any time with the digital world. There really isn’t mobile/cell reception out there, and the internet connection is still at 28.8kbps. Remember dial-up? Some people still *have* dial-up! No thanks 🙂 I’d rather go without!

So the biggest thing we did over Christmas, other than eat and eat and eat and visit and relax was to install the cat-run for the kitties that Mum & Dad have. It turned out awesome! I’ve included a few photos.

I also took a few photos of the Australian Christmas Trees in bloom. They are really awesome! And Kangaroo Paws that are over 6 feet tall!

We’re back home now, and it’s time for a little clean up, catch up and HOMEWORK! I am glad I had the good sense to do a little while away… this assignment will be the death of me, I am sure!

In other news, I have also learned that the reason I have so much trouble with WordPress at home is because of the internet connection here. Even though I am right next to the router, and have even gone for a wired connection, and have great signal strength, the signal is not consistent (welcome to the country) and this causes me some serious grief when posting. So I am going to try email posts from home. While in Perth, even with half the signal strength, I could post without problems, proof positive to me that the carrier is flakey. That probably explains the static on the telephone too…

I’m digressing again…

I hope you had a wonderful time over the holidays, I hope you are looking forward to the new year! I have lots of posts in mind, and am very enthusiastic about sharing my stories with you again this year!!

Best Wishes!

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