One Day Left

There is one day left to go in this week of classes and I am so grateful for the break coming up. Not that I’m not enjoying myself – I am – but there are only four more sleeps until Christmas and I have hardly thought about that in two weeks!

This morning’s session was on marketing. I like marketing, but I was really starting to wear out. This whole classroom business has got me beat. It’s a long time to be sitting and paying attention!

In the afternoon we did an assessment and did a gym program for a client. My partner, Cameron, had to pretend to be a 48 year old woman who jogs a little. I had to pretend that I was a 20 year old university student that wanted to get ripped to pick up chicks at the beach.

I assure you, the irony was not lost on me! LOL 🙂

It was great to get active and do a workout…

Why do I always feel so surprised at how good it feels to exercise?

Briefly, in other news, I decided to go with convenience over speed and just stay on the one bus for the trip to and from school.

I am hoping to pick up Mat’s present tomorrow on the way back from school because this will really be my last opportunity to get it. Seriously, where has the time gone!?

Mat is coming to pick me up tomorrow evening, and we’re heading straight back to Katanning. Our cat is at the vets recovering from surgery – he went in on Tuesday, and will be let out Friday morning. How he’s doing will allow us to determine how long we can actually go away for, because we may have to be home for the cat if there are dressings to change and he needs extra care.

Kinda puts a damper on Christmas plans, but we’ll be happy, regardless!

Are you all ready for Christmas?


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