Further Bus Negotiations

This is not a fitness post, but I tend to just write about what’s on my mind so here it is:

It seems to me I only have trouble with the bus when I have somewhere to be.

Monday morning, after doing a 6:30am PT session, I drove home, got ready and quickly headed out the door. And I missed the bus by moments. 20 seconds. Tops.

I was quite concerned that the 15 minute delay would cause me some grief and I would end up late for class, but happily it didn’t. And I got to test out a new bus route, because I had to know about getting to Garden City for my next appointment on Tuesday.

Monday afternoon I took the bus all the way home, stopping at Garden City for a little shopping (Garden City is a shopping mall, the size of a small city…) and to make sure I knew where I was going. Yup! Sorted!

So this morning, Tuesday, I once again missed the morning bus by 20 seconds. Tops. What is with that? But I didn’t stress because I knew I would still get to class on time. And I wasn’t too stressed about getting to Garden City by 4:30pm because I was pretty confident from my bus trip the day before that I would make it in good time.

Uh yeah, so…

We had two big assessments today: Postural Analysis in the morning, and Rehabilitation in the afternoon. The rehab case study was finished at 3:50 and I had to catch a bus at 4:05.

Not too big of a deal, I arrived at the bus port at 4:03 (according to the bus station clock – they have these cool monitors that show when buses are due, just like at the airports for flights) and I had 2 minutes to spare!

But the 4:05 940 bus did not arrive! And the next bus was due at 4:20!

Uh oh!

About 10 past 4 a different bus arrived, and everyone waiting for the 940 jumped on, so I did too (it was going to Garden City, I did check) and I renegotiated my arrival time to 4:45.

And happily, I did make it at 4:45, and we had a great time shopping for new running shoes, and trying them out in a fun workout at the park.

But it seems a wonder to me that every other day when I have taken the bus or the train, there has been no difficulty, no delays, and sometimes I arrive earlier than I expect. But on days when it matters, it seems to get difficult.

Murphy’s Law, right?

Anyway, another little thought on buses and public transport: I can take two buses and a train and if I catch everything just right, I can get to school in 30 minutes! Wicked right?

But I can also catch the 940 from my doorstep pretty much and get dropped off at the school’s doorstep pretty much, and don’t have to change buses. But it takes 45 minutes at best, and 60 minutes if traffic is bad.

The train way is nice because it’s fast and the train is nice and smooth. However, due to changing vehicles all the time, I just don’t get a chance to really read or get into anything. And I am not always guaranteed a seat on the train.

The bus all the way is slower, but I can get on, get a seat, open my book and not look up until I arrive at the bus port. However, riding a bus can be jolting, due to traffic and stops… so it’s not always the most pleasant ride.

What would you choose? Bus all the way or Bus Bus Train?

Convenience or time?

I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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