People I Admire

There are a lot of wonderful, enthusiastic, interesting people at my course, but a few of them really stand out for one reason or another.

I admire one lady in particular because of her complete acceptance of everyone just as they are. She has taken the time to get to know everyone on the course, to listen to their story, to know what motivates and moves them. She shows no judgment or malice towards anyone. She smiles and laughs and shares, and it all seems deeply genuine. I think she has a genuine chance of winning the Class Energiser award.

I wish I could be like that. It takes daily reminders to pull away from judging people. Or at the very least, to keep those judgments to myself, to not spread my negativity on to others. I think I am doing better. I am trying to do better, though I know I have slipped up. There is a fine line, I think, between telling your friends about the people you interact with and making fun of the people you interact with (which is just the ‘funny’ way of being negative and judgmental).

And then there is the class patriarch. He has the advantage of confidence that a few extra years can give (remember, the average age in this class is probably 18-20), so the young men, in particular, gravitate towards him for advice and direction.

His confidence and certainty are what I really admire about him. He is direct, concise, and willing to learn, and more importantly, willing to teach. And he is not afraid to ‘fake it till he makes it.’ I’m pretty sure you won’t hear him apologising for trying, for getting it wrong, or for making a decision. He would apologise for causing harm or getting a less than ideal result, and then he would learn from it and move on.

There are plenty of admirable characteristics in that crowd: strength, determination, focus, dedication, friendliness, openness

I am surrounded, not just in this class, but all over, by people who are genuinely awesome! Like my aunt for her welcoming nature and organisational skills (how she keeps track of everyone’s comings and goings is always a marvel to me!) Like my ‘clients’ for their willingness to try something new.

Highlighting these traits that I admire in others allows me to focus on the characteristics that I want to nurture and develop in myself, starting with acceptance and confidence.

I have a few other things I’d love to talk about tonight, but it was a really early morning and study has worn my brain out, so, it’s an early night for me.

Yup, an old nanna, that’s me! 🙂 hehehe


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