Two Kinds of PTs

Today I noticed that there are two kinds of Personal Trainers.

Okay, actually, there are a lot more than two kinds, because everyone is different…


If I may be allowed to generalise a little, here are the two big distinctions I have noticed while doing my class:

There are those that are there for the client


Those that are there for themselves

The vast majority of people who are in this program have put down something along the lines of “to help people” as a reason for becoming a personal trainer. Most of these people are interested in others, and want to help YOU achieve YOUR goals. Their goal is to help you be the best you!

Then there are those others, who love working out, love their physique, and think that everyone wants to be like them! Yes, these people will get clients, because, hey, I’d LOVE to look like that, and yes, some of their clients will get results, but I am afraid that many of their clients will be disappointed with these trainers in the end.


Because if you’re paying a person $40-45 for a 30 minute session, those 30 minutes need to be all about YOU, and achieving YOUR goals.

So if you don’t want to be a Cross-Fitter, then you probably won’t be interested in your trainers heavy lifting workout. If you don’t want to be a figure model and aren’t already naturally inclined towards being lean, then perhaps you need a trainer who is more interested in what you want to get out of your 30 minutes than what they do to stay looking great.

And I think a lot of people will be turned off by the ego that comes with some of these people. Self-confidence is one thing, megalomania is quite another. Today I watched a trainer watch themselves in the mirror as they were taking their client through stretches. And it wasn’t like they were looking to see if their form was right, it was more like they were taking the time to admire how awesome they looked while they were doing it. (Really, I am not just being judgmental.)

I think it’s important to note that these people I might seem to be ‘dissing’ are all capable and fit people and will probably be good trainers and get plenty of clients, but they will be most successful with clients who are interested in the same things that they are.

Perhaps the positive spin on this would be to call them ‘niche trainers’ because they seem to specialise in their particular passion. There certainly is a market for that, but I feel bad for the 40-year-old woman who is overweight and wants to be able to run a 5km in 45 minutes when she ends up with a trainer who wants to do rugby training drills with her. These are relationships that won’t last.

I think the others who are there for their clients will have a more interesting mix of clients with more variety in their programs. Although it is just my opinion, I’d rather be this kind of trainer, otherwise I’d probably get bored and stale doing the same sorts of things each session.

Just a note to anyone looking for a personal trainer out there, remember that there are heaps of personal trainers and everyone is different. There are specialists, there are people you will love and people you won’t. There will be people you connect with and who get you and help you reach your potential, and there are those that will try really hard and it just won’t work. It’s no biggie – just keep looking until you find the right trainer, because remember, those 30 minutes are YOURS and they are all about YOU!

You’re paying for them, right?

Get what you deserve! 🙂


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