And it’s only the first day!

Sunday afternoon Mat and I drove to Perth. I settled in at my aunt and uncles and got as prepared as possible to head to the Australian Institute of Fitness to start my Personal Training course first thing Monday morning.

I got up bright and sunshiney this morning (in fact, Mat got up really early to drive back to Katanning, so it would have been 5am) and I decided I better leave early to sort out the buses and trains. I was really nervous – and with good cause!

Despite leaving early, I was a good 40 minutes late for class on my first day! A very in-auspicious start to the day. But I got lost on the TransPerth bus system!

I followed the directions provided on the web site, and asked the bus driver for help, and he let me out at a stop… and then I waited and waited and watched lots and lots of buses go past but not the bus I was looking for. Finally, after much freaking out and frantic texting, I hailed a different bus and that driver was awesome and gave me better directions, and let me off at a stop where I could catch a bus to a train station. But after another 15 minutes of waiting I had only 10 minutes to get to class.

Clearly, not going to happen.

I had to get Kobie to call the school and let them know I was coming and going to be late. I finally got there at 9:40!


Anyway, the morning was pretty uneventful. A very nice guy named Dave helped me out, gave me the lay of the land, and the morning consisted of reviewing the assignments coming up.

Big assignments! I had no idea there’d be that much home work!

Anyway, we had lunch, all was well, and then the destruction began.

Oh my goodness!

Let’s do all the advanced versions of every exercise you can possibly imagine to obliterate your legs and core.

And let’s do it for about 2 hours.


I may never walk again!

It was a much less difficult and uneventful trip home. I am pretty sure I will be able to make it to class on time tomorrow.

Now, must go do some homework (but will sit and watch a movie with the family instead.)

Everything will be right tomorrow! 🙂

I hope to be able to tell you more about what I’m learning and the experiences as I go along, but it will depend a lot on how much homework I am doing!

I can assure you, I will be doing heaps of it!


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