Super Sunday

Today was a Super Sunday!

Actually, it was a pretty good Saturday, too, but for different reasons 🙂

I didn’t really do anything on Saturday. Mat and I both relaxed. We did a bit around the house, but nothing strenuous. Mat went to work, I went to work. We even watched Cricket, and you really can’t get more relaxing than that. Puts me to sleep like a baby!

But today was different.

I got up at the very respectable hour of 7:30 and got to the pool for 8:00 and swam a lovely 1000 metres. That’s a kilometer! Yay!

Objective one for the summer: swim 1km per week. CHECK!

(Okay, I know it’s only one swim and only one week, but hey, come on! It’s a great start!)

Then I came home and pitter-pattered around. I made some business cards up for Mat, did dishes and other house-keeping duties, and I made a very tasty (and not at all good for you) Caramel Banana Cake.

The caramel topping is seriously reminiscent of Mom’s caramel icing. I would travel to the ends of the earth for Mom’s icing!

As a matter of fact, I HAVE traveled around the world for that icing! 🙂 NUM!

Oh but wait, you thought all the bragging was over. No no! 🙂

Then I did a Body Vive class (just following the DVD) and I worked up a real genuine sweat. It was awesome!

Have you ever tried Vive?

It’s a low impact workout using a ball and bands. It has some great classic music and some newer stuff too, and is a bit slower paced than most ‘aerobic’ classes. I had a little trouble with the timing in a few spots because I was trying to go too fast.

But I really like the program. You can make it easy and it would be great for a beginner, but there’s enough complexity to keep it interesting for a more advanced participant. I found the hip track very challenging, for example! I know it would never be a replacement for those who are “Attackers” or similar, but I think it fills a much needed gap in the world of fitness.

Anyway, you might think the bragging is done now, but you’d be wrong again! 🙂

I figured since I was warmed up and feeling great I should probably do my pushups! I did 23, 28, 23, 23, 33 = 130!!

Oy vey! They were bloody hard!

Well, actually, just the fourth set. I only manged 10 on my toes and struggled out one on toes, several on knees, one on toes, back down to knees to complete that set.

I did, after a significant rest, manage to do the 33 without going to my knees, but I did have to stop, hold in plank, do 1 or 2 pushups. Stop. Pushup. Stop… you get the picture. 🙂

I could have headed out to the Sunday Social Bike Ride at 4pm, but really felt that I had done enough. I can get my 20km bike ride in later this week.

Tomorrow morning I will start again with the Leg workout that I missed last week and move ahead from that point on the LiveFit Challenge workouts.
How was your weekend? Was it super? Did you use it to do an extra dose of exercise?

Have you ever tried Les Mills Body Vive? Love to know your thoughts on it.


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