Ranting and Raving!

Today was a good day.

I went to bed early, got up early, and did a combined workout:

  • Pushups: 20, 25, 20, 20, 28 (managed 24 on toes in this last set) 113!!!
  • Half of yesterday’s Back/Biceps workout that I missed (I thought it was Abs & Shoulders, but I was wrong)
  • Half of today’s Chest/Triceps workout

Since each body part in each workout has four exercises (yeah, a lot I know), so I just did two of each. Today I did:

  • Heaps of push ups (113!!)
  • and 3 sets each of
  • wide grip lat pulldowns
  • narrow grip rows
  • e-z bar barbell curls
  • alternate hammer curls
  • pec dec
  • tricep dips
  • over-head two-handed triceps extensions
  • and one set of tricep kick backs

Later on, our boss took Kobie, J* and I out for a cuppa to say thanks for doing a good job.

That was super nice.

And then I got to leave work early – everything under control, yay!

Christmas shopping, baking bread, cuppa with T&E.

Home for a light snack, then back to teach Balance after seeing Mat and learning that our septic tank was invaded by roots and we still have some work to do to keep further invasions from backing up our septic tank.

I was feeling kind of quiet at Balance, and really just enjoyed the class.

And then I came out and learned about something dumb a staff member did and freaked out.

Seriously, I just went wobbly! I don’t know what happened but I ranted at a new staff member about another staff member.

And I just couldn’t stop, and it just started snowballing…

And then I went on again at T&Es (and my bread didn’t rise properly again – more reason to rant!) and then I got home and ranted at Mat.

Seriously, I could not stop for a good 30 minutes.

Then the frenzy passed and all was well again, and I got things back in perspective. I realised it wasn’t that big of a deal. All is fixable. Luckily, I never went off at the staff member (though I am embarrassed to have gone off in front of another staff person).

It does happen. I do overreact. But I haven’t for a long time. (At least not in front of someone at work.) Keeping calm has been such a priority for me for a long time. Losing my cool like that was so surprising!


Ah well, it’s late, and that’s enough about a silly over-reaction.

Time for bed. Early morning tomorrow – another day of Legs. I have the Ibuprofen to stave off the DOMS pains sure to follow!


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