Comparing Notes

I keep track of how much exercise I do in a spreadsheet. This started with the Blackwood Marathon and just carried on.

I started a new log today, and now that I have 18 months of data to look at, I thought it might be interesting to compare my totals for each of the 6 month logs.

The date ranges are:

  • June to Nov 2101, which includes the Blackwood Marathon.
  • Nov 2010 to May 2011, which is post-Blackwood, where I really got into the ‘rest and recover’ idea
  • May to Nov 2011, which is the lot I just finished, and was (originally) preparing for a 12km race, which was to lead to a half-marathon by the end of the season – March-ish. Don’t think it’s going to happen now…

I tracked Swimming, Biking, Running & Rowing in # of km and Riding my horse, and Other (like fitness classes and DVDs) in # hours.

Date Swim Bike Run Horse Row Other
June-Nov 2010 5.5 691.08 272.45 239.82 86.2 201.50
Nov 2010 ā€“ May 2011 0.9 43.32 41.53 27.8 69.75
May-Nov2011 0.9 79 134.71 92.50
Totals 7.3 813.4 448.69 267.62 86.2 363.75
Ave per month 0.4 45.2 24.9 14.7 4.8 20.2
Ave per week Pointless šŸ™‚ 10.4 5.8 Yeah… No point 4.7

Obviously, the Blackwood training period has some pretty big results in every category, but what I find shocking is just how slack I got for the following 6 months!

At least I was still riding my horse then. Although I increased my running and biking in this last 6 months, look at the big fat blank where my horse results should be! Shame!

I take some small pride in the fact that over the last 18 months I have cycled 10km per week, run 5km and did 5 hours of other fitness… give or take.

But I’d like to see my numbers go up in the Horse and Swimming portions of this. I mean, I know it’s totally unrealistic to keep working out at the Blackwood levels unless I decide to become a professional athlete! But I would like to set these performance goals for myself for the next 6 months:

  • Swim – 1km per week
  • Bike – 20km per week
  • Run – 5km per week
  • Classes/Other – 5 hours per week
  • Horse – 2 hours per week

That’s not unrealistic is it?

(Maybe… as a PS to this post, this morning I slept in and totally missed my shoulder and abs workout, then my backup plan – Aqua Boot Camp – got cancelled due to instructor injury. No exercise for me today! I barely got up from my chair! Oops! Back on the bandwagon tomorrow!)


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