Septic Tanks and Other Stories

So this weekend was pretty relaxing.

Mat worked Saturday and a little of Sunday, and whipper-snipped the whole boundary fence line Sunday night, as well as some long grasses around the house. You rock, honey!

I did a whole lot of nothing strenuous.

Laundry. Dishes. Floors. Christmas cards. Wash dog. Bake bread. Visit T&E and have a cuppa.

And I complained a lot about the smell coming from the pipe coming out of the ground that leads our sink, shower, and bathroom sink drains to the septic tank. And had terrible images in my head of a septic blow out and poo coming up through our drains.

And then Sunday night, due to being very disgusted with the ‘toilet’ smell coming out of my shower drain, and being afraid to shower, I took action!

Thinking that maybe it was a blockage, I went and put baking soda and vinegar down the overflow drain. This did bubble and fizz, but didn’t really move anything.

I poured two kettles of boiling water down there. Not much of a result.

Then I got the garden hose and blasted the heck outta the pipe, shoving the hose as far down as I could. And the ‘water’ level did go down a bit. Enough that I felt safe enough to have a shower.

But despite Mat’s assertion that he would ‘look at it in the next few days’ I decided to take it upon myself to call the septic tank cleaner guy. We have lived here since 2007 and have not had the septic tank drained yet. Surely it’s about time.

This morning I got up early and went to the gym for my LiveFit Day 15 workout: Legs! You know, there are TWO leg workouts this week?

Remembering how I couldn’t walk last week after the leg workout, I stepped back the weight a little on the squats, and my legs didn’t scream at me right away, so that’s a positive sign.

Of course, that said, there were a few more exercises to add to the pile today: walking barbell lunges and single-leg barbell deadlift, which are both quite challenging. I also changed, as I did last time, the leg curls to fitball leg curls. The lying leg curl machine is really uncomfortable and I tend to feel it in my back, not hamstrings.

I made sure to stretch between each set and did a really thorough leg stretch at the end of the session. Here’s hoping DOMS doesn’t get me again!

I also did pushups!

18, 22, 16, 16, 25

97 pushups!!

I struggled a little with every other set and had to pause and hold myself in plank position for awhile, catch my breath and keep going. The last set of 25 was brutal. I was shaking and finally my knees collapsed on my and I did the last 3 on my knees.

Still, I feel I can be proud of that effort!

Now I am just filling in a little time before calling the Liquid Waste guy to see when he can come and clean my septic out.


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