Captains Log…

Star date 23.11.2011

Today we had the opportunity to observe a large group of Senior Citizens from the planet “InMyDay” who were celebrating a strange food-based festival, commonly enjoyed in this part of the galaxy.

Christmas celebrations are upon us! It feel so foreign and other-worldly. It can’t be 33 days till Christmas! There shouldn’t be Christmas celebrations yet! But there are!

And I got a free turkey dinner and warm pudding with ice cream and custard to prove it. Num!

Some things about Christmas don’t suck!

Today was actually a really good day.

No, I didn’t get everything on my to-do list done, but at 3:30 I very happily slung my bag over my shoulder and headed to the pool.

But so, it seems, did everyone else in Katanning! ๐Ÿ™‚

It was the first day above 30 and it was a brilliant day – no wonder we were all thinking of the pool!

So I ended up life guarding for a few hours, headed home and shoveled some breakfast cereal into my gob, and then went back to work to teach Balance.

After my early leg workout, this Balance class was both welcomed and dreaded. The stretching did help, but a few moves, like the Yoga Yawns, were really difficult. And I was really surprised to find that the Ab and Back tracks were really tough! My core was also apparently crushed by this morning’s leg workout!

One more day of weights – shoulders and abs – to go this week!

Today’s summary:

  • 80 pushups (75 on toes)
  • killer leg workout
  • lovely Christmas dinner
  • 20 second dip in the pool
  • Body Balance class

Have you started your Christmas celebrations yet?

PS: Sorry about the lame Star Trek reference. I’m no Jean-Luc Picard, that’s for sure ๐Ÿ˜›


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