Long Ago and Far Away

I stayed up late last night, all the way to midnight!

So 6am came waaaaaaaay too early.

And now, at 9pm, 6am seems impossibly long ago and far away.

But I did make my way to the gym at 6:20am and worked my back and biceps this morning. (Which is pretty incredible really, because I am generally one to pike out on early morning workouts… I’m more of a 9am workout-er! Maybe I was too tired to talk myself out of it… But I digress.)

My ‘backup plan’ was to get off work at 4:30, do the Live Fit workout and then head to the pool and do Aqua Boot Camp.

Oops! Forgot about a meeting!

Thinking I had to be at work at 6pm for this meeting, I decided not to go to Aqua Boot Camp (5:30-6:30pm – I need a clone to be two places at once!), and stayed at work while waiting for the meeting to start, thus crushing Plan B. But it didn’t matter! I had *already* worked out!

Yay! Plan A is awesome!

(Turns out the meeting was actually scheduled for 7pm and although I got plenty done at work, I certainly didn’t get a second workout in.)

Once again, I am SO glad I got up, even with only 6 hours sleep, and did my workout.

Because once you get to this point at the end of your day, where the morning seems long ago and far away, at least you don’t have to try to squeeze one more thing out of your day!

Bedtime awaits! Legs and pushups tomorrow morning!

What’s your favourite time of day to workout? Do back up plans work for you?


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