Workout Wrap Up (Live Fit Day 1)

Okay, so Saturday I posted about my new challenge, the 12 Week Body Transformation program, Live Fit.

Sunday I was meant to do the swim leg of a Sprint Triathlon (500m swim, 20km bike ride, 5km run) in a team, but due to a power failure at the pool, we had to cancel the triathlon.

Looks like spinach, but nothing eats it... Grr DOCK!

With that reprieve, I spent the day weeding – the rains have encouraged long-dormant weeds to sprout – so was on the end of a pitch-fork digging out dock weeds for a good many hours.

Helen stopped by briefly and invited me out for a social bike ride. I was pretty knackered from spending the day in the sun (don’t worry, I had sunscreen and a hat on… I’m Sun Smart!) and fell asleep on the couch (oh this comfy couch!) and almost didn’t make it! But I *did* get my proverbial in gear and went for a nice 20km bike ride. I was riding between 22 and 25 kph, which was pretty good for me, but had to ask the peleton to slow up a few times. So embarassing!

That's me, hanging on the back for dear life!

I hate asking them to slow up, I don’t want to hold people up! But as Helen said, a social ride should not leave a person behind – it simply discourages them from coming back! And it’s so true! Although I hate asking the group to hold up, I think I feel worse falling off the back of the group, feeling lonely and sorry for myself.

Anywho, before bed I did my 100 Pushups test. Every two weeks you do a test to see how many pushups you can do in a row. I got to 24 on the toes. That put me at level 2 for Weeks 3 & 4.

Since Monday morning was Day 1 of Live Fit, and also a Chest and Triceps day, with 3×12 pushups in the workout, I thought I would just do my 100 Pushups pushups as part of my workout this morning.

Incredibly, I dragged myself out of bed and got to the gym at 6:10am and did my workout!

I was a little disappointed in my pushups – I did 17, 12, 13, 13, and 17, but in the last two sets I could only get to 8 on my toes and had to do the rest on my knees!!

NO!!! I was doing so well! I had done EVERY pushup from my toes these last two weeks!

Similarly, I couldn’t do more than 2 or 3 tricep pushups on my toes! I did almost all of them on my knees!

Maybe it was because I had done my pushup test just the night before, and had only a few hours rest – maybe 8 hours – between pushup sets? Maybe it was because it was early in the morning and “I wasn’t ready yet”? Maybe it’s just getting to that point where I am going to have to do a few on the knees because that’s a freaking lot of pushups!! I think it’s 73 if I am doing the math in my head right…

But Still…

I enjoyed getting up and doing my workout, but I think I am going to have to modify my morning routine a little. Clearly, after a workout like that, then coming home and making breakfast, feeding the cat, dog, horses, showering and packing lunch and all that jazz (not necessarily in that order) I’m in a bit of a time-crunch. My morning blogging routine is clearly out of the question when I have a morning workout, so expect a few sporadic posting times until I get a new routine established.

Oh! This weekend I also made these really yummy Turkey Meatloaf Muffins (using chicken) as per the Live Fit diet suggestions, and they went down a treat. Mat loves them, they’re really simple and surprisingly filling for little things! I will definitely be making more, but adding more veggies to the next lot. 🙂

Pretty pleased with myself – this week is off to a good start!

  • 20km cycle
  • 73 pushups
  • Chest and Triceps workout
  • And no chocolate! 🙂

I am home for a short break, will make horses feeds up for the next few days, then I’m off to teach Balance. I might not be doing Crocodile from my toes tonight! Ouchie! My arms are tired! 🙂

How did your week start out?


One response to “Workout Wrap Up (Live Fit Day 1)

  1. Wow, you are very inspirational! I think that you have it right that you keep committing and recommitting that is just the name of the game. It is only when we “give up” that things go awry. Commit, Recommit, Commit, Recommit!

    By the way that is a whole lot of push -ups!! That is what I am looking for “that thing to commit to doing”. I do love getting the work out over early in the morning if possible. That way you can look back all day and think, “oh yeah, I worked out today, I got that done”!

    This was good, thanks and good luck with your challenges!

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