Starting Something New

Okay, I’m onto something new – again! We’ll see if it lasts.

(Actually, I know it won’t, but more about that in a minute.)

It’s a 12 week body transformation program from Jamie Eason at called Live Fit. (For those who don’t know, Jamie Eason is a very popular fitness model, not that that’s all that important to me, but she does have a great body and does work hard to maintain it…)

I know I gave myself permission to worry less about exercise, because I have been working a lot and coming home so tired. But I guess I also realised that I need to take better care of myself. I’m tired of feeling lethargic and pudgy.

I came across this program and I decided, “Okay, this is it!”

It’s free, with daily workouts, diet information, hints and tips. And she doesn’t paint a rosy ‘You’ll look like me in only 20 minutes a day” kind of picture. (Thank you for being real, Jamie!)

It’s going to be tough.

It’s a three phase system, building up in intensity, duration, and complexity every four weeks.

The diet starts out pretty basic: Clean Eating, lots of protein, unlimited veg – it’s focusing on getting nutrients into your body to fuel muscle building. Then later gets into calorie counting, high and low carb days and so on.

The workouts start out with one-hour weight-lifting sessions 4 times a week for two weeks, then 5 times a week for two weeks, then, as you move into phase two and three, it gets up to 6 days a week, including HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and some serious diet stuff.

Time-wise, I am going to have to commit to getting up early, and getting to the gym nearly every single day.

This is going to be a big commitment and it’s going to take a lot of hard work. Right now, I’m doing lots of pushups, I’m teaching Balance once a week, and Aqua gold two times a week, and I’m not doing a lot of other things regulary. Despite being lighter and possibly slightly smaller than June this year (check out these surprising stats here), I am not looking or feeling great.

In fact, I took a ‘before’ photo and was shocked.

Women tend to see themselves in the mirror as much bigger than they are in real life. When looking at the photo, I realised I wasn’t seeing just how big I have actually gotten! I became too complacent! At this point I am not even comfortable posting the photo!

There will be things that will interfere with the plan:

I won’t be following her meal plan exactly (I will have whole eggs, not just egg whites, that sort of thing) and won’t be using supplements, but will try to remember to take my vitamins daily. The diet is the place where I am most likely to go astray, especially due to the Budget Battles challenge as well.

Also, in three weeks time I will be in Perth doing my Cert IV (Personal Training) and I will be at the mercy of the fitness trainers in the program.

Then there’s Christmas.

So, my current plan is to do week one, skip week two (which is identical), do week three and four, then do the PT program weeks 1 and 2, followed by a week off for Christmas, then PT week 3, and then I’ll (probably) start back at week six or seven, depending on how it matches up with where my fitness levels are at after the course.

And it all starts on Monday!


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