24 Hours Without Internet

Saturday night at 10pm I turned off my computer for 24 hours. What? No computer for a whole day!? This from someone who checks in religiously twice a day, and more often on weekends? This could be tough!

So, how did I hold up?

Pretty good actually. One the morning routine was over, the urge really passed and then I found a whole bunch of other things to do to occupy me:

  • I went for a swim at 6am. I rode my bike to the pool and back, but I needed to do a bit of running around for work and did take my car to the Leisure Centre, back to the pool and back home. The wind and rain were picking up again, and I just didn’t want to be fighting with the weather.
  • I cleaned my house using the ‘two-hour method‘ but I’m pretty sure it took more like three hours than two. But my house got clean and I didn’t get too terribly distracted by my stuff.
  • I did 6 loads of laundry and changed the sheets
  • I made a really yummy tuna wasabi quinoa salad with pole and line caught tuna (see why this matters here)
  • I finished the last 300 pages of the book I have been reading for the last five or six months! Oh it was a sweet feeling! I just devoured the last moments of life in the Final Empire.
  • We went to T&Es for dinner/supper/tea, whatever you like to call the evening meal and played a game called Honest John. Good times.

What didn’t I do?

Well, I didn’t play with my horses, I didn’t do my Canadian Christmas cards, and I didn’t do any calligraphy. But I also felt really relaxed and happy.

I spent the whole day without digital distractions, and didn’t have the TV on until Mat came home from work. I didn’t really watch it, I was reading, and I tend to think that TV is pretty dumb anyway.

After we got back from dinner we did watch a show and I turned on the computer, checked Facebook and my blog and went, “huh, I guess I didn’t miss much.” Two games of Mahjong later, the show we were kind of watching was over and I was in bed.

This was a really nice weekend. I didn’t mention that Saturday was pretty good too. Mat and I had a big sleep-in, I went for a long walk with Ella, stopped into see Kobie, baked bread at T&Es in their bread maker (I must get me a bread maker!), I vaguely recall that I ended up at work again for a few minutes, and I missed going to the shops because I didn’t get away early enough. I hate that everything closes at noon on a Saturday! Blah small towns! We also drew names for Christmas.

Anyway, time to get my backside to work. Animals to feed and lunch to pack before I head out the door!

Hope you had a great weekend too!






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