This was one of my favourite quotes for many years, and all but forgot about it until I saw it recently. I just love this message. It reminds me that there isn’t really a better time than now. It helps me stop putting things off. It makes me think of where I’ll be in a year from now if I do or don’t start now.

If not now, when?

Who else is loving these ‘illuquotes’?

They are rocking my world. One of my favourite hobbies back in the day was calligraphy, because I loved beautiful words written beautifully. These illuquotes are just that for me, and are re-sparking my interest in calligraphy. I may never make them look as good as some of these that are done with graphic design tools and great type faces, but it was a wonderful form of self-expression. I may just have a few scribbles over the weekend and maybe one day tackle that really big project I have had bouncing around in my head for years and years.

Do you have any hobbies you have let slide? Any projects you’ve been thinking of tackling? When will you get started? Where will you be in a year from now?


PS: I will be taking Sundays as a digital-sabatical from now on. For those of you who can and care to, give me a call or let’s get together for a cuppa! Cheers!


4 responses to “When?

  1. Great post… that’s motivated me alright!
    On a different note, I really love the idea of a “digital-sabatical” as you so wonderfully phrased it, I may join you on that one.

    • Glad to have provided a little inspiration to your day!
      I wish I had come up with the ‘digital-sabatical’ but in fact I learned about it from http://www.sabbathmanifesto.org/ I’m doing it in my own way, by basically just going without internet for the day, but some people get really into it!
      I’d love to hear how your day goes if you do take a digital day off! 🙂

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