Remember Today

Remembrance Day used to be a day in school where we would have assembly and talk about our great grandparents and ‘their war’ and draw poppies and memorize “In Flanders Fields.” It was all about long ago and far away wars, not about us. I mean, I didn’t know anyone who went to war or died for their country.

But that changed.

Now, with family and friends and loved ones in the military, and with more and more boys coming home draped in their countries flag, I think it’s important to remember not just those wars that brought us the years of peace and freedom that we enjoyed as kids, but those who fight now, who fall now. Whether you ‘believe’ in the war on terror and the conflicts in Afghanistan and around the world, they are real, and people we know and love, people our friends and neighbours know and love, are going and fighting, and sadly,  many are giving their lives.

So today, take a moment to remember those who have fought, past and present, and reflect on what that means to you. And maybe pause for another moment – a moment of hope, that soon, no one else will have to know what it is like to wait and fear a loved ones deployment. To hear the sad news. To meet a coffin not a smile and open arms at the end.

Lest we forget.


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