The Best Thing About …

The best thing about walking to work is that I am getting some exercise in first thing in the morning. Lately I have been spending about 8 hours stuck in my chair, so it’s good to have moved for some part of the day.

But mostly, the morning walk is kind of hard.

I blame my dog.

I know, shame.

But he’s old and slow and wants to smell everything and pee on everything. By the time we get to T&Es I am quite literally dragging him. He has proven to be quite resistant to this walking business. This morning he even tried to run away from me when he saw the leash! Not the expected behaviour, for sure! Aren’t dogs supposed to be excited for ‘walkies’?

Even by giving us 30 minutes, and slowing down the pace a bit, the morning walk is an exercise in patience and persistence. None-the-less, it’s nice, when the weather is nice, to have walked to work.

But, on further reflection, the best part of walking to work is the walk home!

Because I don’t usually have to be home at any particular time, the 40 or more minutes we take to walk home is really nice.

On the way home I let him sniff more stuff, and pee more often.

We visit with little kids who want to pat my dog.

I eyeball other people’s yards and houses and lawns and notice things I never noticed while driving. These people are trimming their hedges. Oh look! They have a huge shed out the back. Hey, that’s a nice flower, I wonder what that’s called? They seriously need to do something about that fence. I didn’t even know that house was there! Wow, that house finally sold.

We dilly dally a bit, and I find this time refreshing and a great way to unwind. I think of all the stuff that happened in the day, reflect on what went well, rehearse all the conversations I had and say all the things I should have said, and feel completely clever in hindsight and wonder why I can never think of those things in the moment.

(Yeah, why can’t I come up with that linguistic gold on the spot? But I digress…)

Anyway, as it turns out, this walking business is quite nice (at least when the weather is nice, that is 🙂 )


2 responses to “The Best Thing About …

    • My dog gets ‘babysat’ at a family’s home which is on the way to work.So he walks 1.5km with me, and then I do the last 1/2 km alone. I live in a small town, so no trains or busses here, and nothing is too far away! 🙂

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