She Drives Me Crazy

I tried to get around it today, but it was just not going to be a simple to and from work kind of day.

It was going to be a back-and-forth to-and-fro carry-move-and-pick-up kind of day. And a late one at that (I still have to go back to work tonight.)

Spare you the details, but I drove my car today. I drove it several times, in fact: to work, to the shops, to the pool, back to work, home, back to the shops, back home, and soon to work and back again.

My sister chastised me today. It was her challenge after all, and I only survived four days without wheels. Really I don’t think I did too bad. But she wants me to start from zero again though, and try for a consecutive 7 days. I’m actually quite enjoying the walking and cycling around, so will give it another go. Now that we have a bit more organisation up at the pool for our Aqua classes, we should be good to go!

In other challenge news, I am only about $10 over my budget this fortnight, which I am quite pleased about (although payday isn’t until Thursday, so it could get worse). Still, even though I’m not coming in under budget, at least now I’m only going over by a few dollars, not a few hundred. I feel like I’m really getting the hang of this! And hey, today I went over because I splurged on fruit and cat food that weren’t on my list. I could be spending my money in worse places, surely 🙂

100 Push Ups Challenge – day two. I am holding off until Mat gets home and hopefully we will do them together after I get back from Body Balance at 8:30. I know I said I prefer to do them in the morning and get them over and done with, but I had a busy morning (had to move the horses) and I think Mat would enjoy doing them together. We’ll see how it goes.

Smiling – I feel like I am smiling a lot more. Of course, I still complain and grumble, but mostly to Mat (and he totally makes grumbling not any fun at all! No validation or commiseration from that guy!) but I am trying to focus on the positive, reward good work and just enjoy my days more. And since this weekend didn’t go to plan, I had good cause to complain and even more so to reward and praise and smile about how awesome my staff are! 🙂

Also, when I do complain, I am trying really hard to concentrate on the behaviour, not the person. All little steps to getting back to my bubbling, positive, over-the-top self.

Anyway, time for a little break and then back to work to teach Body Balance. Too bad it’s so late at night, but it’s so good for me, even (especially) after a long day! 🙂




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