Some people are chased by boogeymen. I am chased by little kids on roller blades.

I slept really well last night, until very early this morning when I had a nightmare.

It was a work nightmare.

Don’t we do enough work when we’re awake? Why do we have to work in our sleep too?

Anyway, in this nightmare it was Friday night. There was rollerblading on and there was a wedding being set up in the function room as well. And there were kids rollerblading through this wedding! They were EVERYWHERE, and I was yelling at them to get out until I was hoarse! They were running into things, and they kept coming out of the wood work… so many of them like little bulls in a china shop rollerblading through a pristine white wedding! ARG!

After I get them out and lock the doors, I start moving down the hallway locking other doors on the way to reception and find that someone is taping the door latches so they won’t lock and that there have been “Smoking Permitted” signs put up in the toilets!! What the hell is this!?

As I finally make it back to the front counter, two of my most experienced staff are sitting and visiting with their feet up while people just come through the door without paying and none of the lights are on! I yell “What the hell are you guys doing?!” and they were like “What? Were we supposed to do something?”

Wake up screaming! (In my head anyway.)

I was obviously upset by this nightmare. I hate when they’re so real and so frustrating. It usually means my brain is trying to send me a message. A warning of sorts.

My first instinct was that I was out of control at work, that my staff don’t listen to me and they don’t do their jobs. And then I realised that that is the opposite of what that dream meant.

That may be my fear, but in truth, my staff are competent, helpful, capable people who do a damn good job, often with little coaching or training, who face unexpected situations with calm and reason, and who handle unpleasant people more often than I’d like them to have to.

And they do it well and with little praise or reward.

So there’s my warning: “Don’t forget to thank and support your staff. You certainly can’t do this alone.”

Thanks subconscious!


4 responses to “Nightmare!

  1. Good to know that the mind is still active while we sleep even it tends to work things out in a most mixed-up way sometimes. That is a good reminder of thankfulness!

    • The bigger irony here is that this weekend following that nightmare, two of my staff, one of whom was in that dream, actually proved the very point of the nightmare. Things were NOT going as planned, and they were gracious and accommodating despite the disruption.
      Spooky, eh? Was it a premonition or what? 🙂

      • Oh dear, that is really eery! Maybe your instincts are even better then you thought. Must never underestimate the power of the mind! 🙂 Hope things are going well today!

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