Carless – Day 1

Hey! I walked to work! 🙂 I didn’t use my car once!

I walked my dog to T&Es (they babysit him while we are at work) and then to work. MD was so excited to go for a walk when we started out, but after one kilometer, I was dragging his poor old body along. I know he’ll get fitter as he gets used to it, so that’ll improve.

It was threatening rain all day, but didn’t really deliver all day until 1:30 when the heavens opened up in a HUGE way. There was so much rain, coming so fast it looked like a snow storm! Crazy! I wish I had a camera or a video camera! It was amazing!

Anyway, the storm really didn’t let up all day, so I stayed at work late, and arranged for Shanti to come to Attack and drive me home. After the hot humid Body Attack workout the rain was kind of refreshing, but I think a 2km walk in it would have gotten old pretty quick!

I also had a co-worker run an errand for me and I think they enjoyed getting out of the office for a few minutes, so that was great!

Today, facing day two, there is more wet weather coming, so I will bring my rain coat and hope for the best.

A successful Day 1 if I do say so myself!


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