A Week Without Wheels

I know, I chucked a big sad yesterday.

But I talked to my sister last night, and I got a bit of a wake up call from her – she’s so practical and action oriented.

Long story short, she challenged me to go one week without a car. She said I couldn’t do it. I thought, “Yeah I can,” and then immediately started to back-pedal in my mind.

I had already started to work excuses into the week “I’ll need it for groceries,” but she had an answer for everything (you always do chicka!) and so I am going to walk to work, ride my bike to the grocery store, and if it pees with rain, get Mat to pick me up from work and even drive the groceries home if there’s too many for me to carry.

The dog will love me for it.

This morning’s efforts were already almost thwarted by the severe weather warning – torrential rains and wind and lightning – but so far, it’s only rained off and on for a bit, so I’ve got no excuse.

Some other great things revealed while talking to my sister:

  • Completing the Blackwood was a HUGE challenge and during training I was often filled with doubt and fear, and I often questioned “Why am I doing this?” and frequently considered giving up, but I plugged on because it mattered to me.
  • In light of that, there is every chance that this period of doubt and fear is the ‘training period’ for a new challenge I am going through and what happens ‘at the end’ will hopefully be as great as accomplishing the Blackwood, even though it will probably look very different and be linked to work and accomplishing more in that realm of my life.
  • And I definitely should smile more – there’s no such thing as too much smiling!

So, so much for doing less! I am now working through a few challenges:

  • Budget Battles
  • Smiling More
  • A Week Without Wheels
  • And another I’ll tell you about tomorrow – one that Mat and I are doing together

Slightly off the topic, this morning I skipped Step because I have to teach Aqua on Monday and I hadn’t even started my choreography! Oh dear!

So choreography started, some of the play-list chosen, still more to do, but will involve getting in the water this weekend to try it out and see if what I think about on land will translate to the water.

Now I must feed the cat, the dog, the horses, get ready for work and leave 15 minutes earlier than usual. So I’m off! 🙂


2 responses to “A Week Without Wheels

  1. I’ve read your last few posts and feel inspired. Maybe we all need someone to give us a challenge to jumpstart us a bit! I think that on your accomplishments for the last year you should also include writing an awesome blog!

    Happy walking. You are sure to be the most cheerful pedestrian, given your new commitment to more smiling! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your comment 🙂 Sometimes I worry that I complain far too much! It’s nice to hear that I am inspiring others, while working on my own inspiration!

      Thanks for reading my blog! It’s so nice to know there’s someone out there listening! Makes me feel great! 🙂

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