Choosing Less

I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform, do well, meet goals, deadlines, be better. I read a lot, but feel have been absorbing less and less. I am trying to do more and feeling less accomplished at each task. I am hitting the busy period at work, and the pressure I am putting on myself to do more outside of work has led to extra stress.

So I have decided to choose to do less.

I am going to worry less about exercise. I teach Balance at least once a week, sometimes twice, I go to Attack once a week for sure, I go to one Step class most weeks. My weight is stable and my energy levels are ok. Coming up soon I will also have to add two more classes per week to my schedule. I think these exercise commitments are enough for now. I am not going to stress myself out and try to do more. I will do more when I have time, when the notion grabs me, when things quiet down. December will be a great month for exercise. But for now, for November, I’m choosing less.

I am going to worry less about keeping house. I don’t want to live in a pig sty, but at the same time, I’m willing to live with a little dog hair on the floor and a few dirty dishes on the counter. I’m going to take the pressure off by removing the idea that my house has to shine. Basic cleaning and sanitizing is the name of the game. Sparkly houses are for special occasions.

I am going to try to work on only one thing at a time. I have a million ideas, heaps of problems to solve, lots of challenges and goals in mind. But I am going to back off just a little and try to pick one thing to focus on, one little thing, until it doesn’t seem to need too much of my time and attention, and then move on to a new thing or add a layer to the challenge.

For example, I have the ongoing Budget Battles, and will continue to work on that, but I won’t add or change to another type of challenge until I feel like I have a handle on this one. To get further with my budget, I am going to work on meal planning around the staples I have in the house. That’ll be my focus until I feel like I have that working well for me. Then I might add other layers, such as more gardening, getting chickens, learning to preserve and bottle, and so on, bringing one thing in at a time, becoming adept and comfortable with that new skill or idea and then moving on.

The other area of my focus will be about Leadership. Work is busy, and we’re all stretched thin, with many urgent pulls in every direction. Staffing is tight, and there’s plenty of training and upskilling to do.

(Okay, so that two things to focus on, but let’s not go splitting hairs 😉 )

Ages ago I read this infographic and the message that stuck with me most is that a manager is judged not so much by what he or she accomplishes, but by what they bring out in their staff. (Reading it now, I wonder how that was my take-away message, but that’s what it was.)

I’ll be perfectly frank here and say that there is a lot of room for improvement on how we treat, teach, coach and relate to our employees as a whole in this organisation. I don’t want to have disenfranchised employees. I don’t want more conflict or mistrust in this workplace. I know I don’t have any influence over the Executive Culture (which is unfortunate) but I am going to do what I can to make this workplace a little happier. I haven’t quite figured out where to start, but I will start.

And I will start today!

3 responses to “Choosing Less

  1. spend less time surfing the internet for pie charts and other such gizmos like the snow ball cross gun and you would probably have alot more time!!

  2. hehe You’re always so practical Amber. 😛
    But time isn’t the issue, being effective is! It may not work, I may never get any better than I am, but I’m going to try!

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