Epic Fail?

So I mentioned I was going to clean my house using the method I learned when cleaning houses for a very short while.

I also mentioned that there was pretty much one rule:

Don’t get distracted by your stuff!

So, I set off to clean my house.

And what’s the first thing that happened?

I got distracted by my stuff!!

  • I got distracted by the piles of stuff on the couch, on the coffee table, on the side board.
  • I got distracted by the tv – it was only supposed to background noise to keep me company.
  • I got distracted by food – I just needed a few nuts to nibble on, and then a slice of Shepherd’s Pie, and then …
  • I got distracted by the vacuum cleaner, and it is still in bits in the middle of the kitchen with the air filter drying out because it was making a funny noise and I was a little worried about it.
  • I got distracted by Mat who came home from work, and we sat on the lounge and then all hope was lost.

What did get done?

  • The lounge is tidy, though not vacuumed
  • The spare room is vacuumed and the sheets changed

Uh, yeah, that’s it. It really was supposed to be a much longer list. I didn’t even start on the bathroom.


I will try again, and I will get further next time. I am convinced I can do it, I just need to use my imagination and tell myself “this is not my house.”

You think it’ll work?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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