I think it has stopped raining…

The skies opened up on Saturday afternoon at E’s birthday party with much fan fare – lightning, wind, wild amounts of rain, and it pretty much didn’t stop all week until this morning. It’s Wednesday now.

I had clothes on the line from Saturday that I finally had to bring in, sopping wet, put through the spin cycle on the washing machine and toss in the dryer because I was running out of underwear and socks! I was down to the emergency stash. I am sure you have them too – the socks and undies you keep because they’re not completely dead yet and it’d be a waste to throw them out, but you never wear them because the elastic isn’t quite what it used to be.

Despite the unseasonably wet and cold weather, we did our pool lifeguard requalification on Sunday and I seriously hurt my back – mostly just from being stiff and cold and bracing against the wind. The water was fine – 24 degrees – but the wind and rain took it out of all of us. However, I still swam my 400 meters in 10:03, only two seconds behind Josh, so I was pretty happy with that. He is nearly 20 years younger than me.

(To think, there are people who are 20 years younger than me who could be classed as adults! How freaky is that?! Man, I’m getting old! haha)

Anyway, the rain hasn’t slowed anything down at work by any stretch, things are just kicking into high gear. We have been on the run with staff issues (20 people on payroll and not one of them can work Saturday from 12-4??), big sports carnivals, half the senior staff focusing on trying to get the swimming pool ready for the season, and the Show coming this weekend.

The Show is always busy for us, as the Agricultural Society takes over the whole of our grounds and facilities. They start to take over on Tuesday and by Thursday the building is theirs exclusively until Sunday. The Show happens on Saturday. It’s a lot of work for a lot of volunteers to transform this place from sports venue to all the displays and booths and shows and demonstrations they have every year. I must say the volunteer group is amazing and because they are so organised, we really don’t have to worry about the details. Less pressure on us is a good thing!

So, I must get going. I am going to wash my dog who smells kind of like stale Doritos before I head to work and tackle whatever is coming!

Have a great day!


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