Quick Duathlon

I realised it’s only two weeks until the Dumbleyung Triathlon, and I haven’t really been keeping up with training.

So this morning I hopped out of bed, and donned my knicks and fluro vest and headed out for a ride and run.

I intended to do 5km bike staying above 20kph and then run 2km, two laps of the race track.

Unfortunately, on the hills I dropped to a low of 17kph on the bike. Darn! However, I did make it up to 31.1kph on the downhill, and had an overall average of 23.5, which isn’t too bad considering that I also had to slow for intersections and traffic. I worked hard and felt pretty good about the ride in the end.

I had an ok transition to the run, did a quick stretch of my hamstrings, and headed out.

But it was soon apparent that I should have stretched my calves, too. Unfortunately I had to give up by the end of the first lap, my calves were screaming. I stopped and stretched them and didn’t carry on. My heart was thumping in my ears and I was doing that ‘walking-with-a-bounce-to-show-I’m-still-running’ kind of stiff legged shuffle, but not really covering any ground. Heck, my dog was able to keep up – that’s how slow I was going!

Nope, I wasn’t going to get much farther than that today.

Lesson learned: in T2 (bike to run transition) take the time to stretch both calves and hamstrings!

Tomorrow I get to swim! It’s our annual Pool Lifeguard requalification. I always feel like a stone during my first swim of the season, but then it gets better! 🙂


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