Keeping House

How much time do we really need to spend cleaning?

I mentioned cleaning in a previous post about Wasting the Weekends and it got me thinking – again – about spending time more wisely.

For a very short period of time I cleaned houses to earn money. The cleaning company trained everyone to clean houses the same way and using the techniques I learned from them, I could easily clean my house in under two hours, and have it look sparkling!

Basically, there are two basic rules, and an order-of-business.


  1. Don’t get distracted by the stuff. Pick it up, clean it, put it back. (In our own homes we mull over the stuff and wander around trying to find a home for it, get distracted by something else in the new room we’ve entered, and the first job gets lost or forgotten)
  2. The weekly cleaning is a general clean and deep-cleaning, especially of hidden spaces (fridges, cupboards, vents, windows) are all separate and not meant to be done during the weekly clean. Again, don’t get distracted.

The General Order of Business:

Kitchen Dining Room:

  1. Wash all dishes
  2. Wipe counter tops and tables, lifting, wiping and replacing all objects on counter or table
  3. Wipe cupboard doors
  4. Wipe inside and out of microwave
  5. Clean and polish stove
  6. Wipe fingerprints off fridge
  7. Polish sink
  8. Shake out mats, vacuum mats and floors (hang mats if possible)
  9. Mop floors


  1. Squirt cleanser into toilet, swirl to spread around, allow to rest
  2. Using a toothbrush and gel cleanser, clean around taps, spouts, and drains of all sinks, tubs, showers
  3. Using a scrubbing-brush and gel cleanser, scrub inside shower stall and bathtub
  4. Rinse shower and tub and wipe dry with lint free cloth
  5. Wipe down bench top, lift, wipe and set down each item on the counter, drying with lint free cloth
  6. Wipe down cupboard doors
  7. Wipe/scrub sink and wipe dry
  8. Scrub toilet with brush, flush
  9. Wipe down seat, back and outer bowl
  10. Shake out mats, vacuum mats and floors (hang mats if possible)
  11. Mop floors


  1. Make bed
  2. Pick everything off the floor and put it on the bed
  3. Wipe down side tables and dressers, picking up each item, wiping and replacing
  4. Vacuum floor
  5. Put everything on bed back on floor

Lounge Rooms:

  1. Vacuum under each cushion, replace cushions and vacuum tops/surface of lounge.
  2. Wipe down/dust all shelves, cupboards, side tables, lifting, wiping, replacing each object
  3. Wipe down TV and AV equipment
  4. Pick anything off floor and put on couch
  5. Vacuum floor
  6. Put everything on lounge back on floor

The only variation to this theme is pick everything up off the floors in all rooms, vacuum all floors all at once, and mop all floors all at once. This is a practical solution in smaller homes. They also use the vacuum on all surfaces because it removes the dirt, rather than just swirling it around.

I am going to clean my house like it’s not my house! I will avoid getting distracted by my own stuff and follow the order-of-business? And this could free up plenty of time for exercising! 🙂



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