Pony Day

Mel from over at Boots and Saddles named any day when she could get off class before 3pm a Pony Day.

I liked the sound of Pony Day, so I am stealing it. Thanks Mel!

Saturday was a Pony Day here!

My friend Mel (unrelated to the Boots and Saddles one) booked a Pony Day play date with me.

Despite an inauspicious start to the day, I was back on schedule and ready for her to come visit at 1pm. There was no real plan for the day, just to get started again. She had suggested that she could lead TK for me, but I said I wasn’t going to get on him at all.

Instead, I groomed him, and she helped me wash his tail, which was still mucky and caked with his spring runny poos. Really, that should have been cleaned up ages ago, but I have been avoiding doing anything with the horses other than feed them and arrange to have their feet done. Pathetic, really.

For some reason, for the better part of the year I have let fear rule my behaviour, and haven’t even done the basic get-in-touch with him stuff. And yet, he’s this amazing and trusting creature. When Mel arrived, TK was lying down in the sandy patch, soaking up some sun. I went over to him and he stayed laying there, and I gave him a few rubs, and he gave a few groans and he laid all the way down, flat on his side, head lying on the ground and just stayed there. It was a really touching moment, and I remembered just how sweet he is. He trusts me. He is willing to try his best for me. Despite my neglect, he still looks to me as part of his herd and is willing to have faith in my good intentions.

Nero & TK

Nero & TK, no worse for the wear.

It is time to remember how nice it is to be around horses, how beautiful they are, how fun a Pony Day can be. I don’t need to pressure myself to do too much, but just enjoy being with them again.

And to think, I put it off for so long, and all it took was a friend to say, “I’m coming over and we’re playing with your horse.”

Hopefully I can make being with them a treat and not a chore.

Later that day, as if by some weird serendipity, the young lady, Rosie, who had on several occasions suggested she’d like to come play with my horses, did come over and lunged both Nero and TK. I think they were both in shock, but it was great! More work for them, contact with humans, and someone who isn’t afraid to ask the boys for more than I would.

Maybe I’ll be riding again before the end of summer. But no pressure. 🙂


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