Off My Rhythm

At Attack tonight I got annoyed with my body because my butt was jiggling out of rhythm with the music. So-much-so that I didn’t feel like my feet were moving with the musict either! Man! I hadn’t realised that I had softened up so much!

Time to work harder and toughen up!!


2 responses to “Off My Rhythm

  1. Or maybe it’s time to go easy on yourself and realize that you’ll have an off day once in a while! These things happen.

    • I look back at that now and realise it didn’t sound as funny as it did last night in my head. 🙂

      Honestly, it was just an odd sensation having my ‘loose bits’ jiggling to their own rhythm and making me feel like my feet weren’t going with the rest of my body *or* the music. Very disjointed! 🙂

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