Back to the Beginning

I got an email today thanking me for being the first person to enter the Dumbleyung Triathlon on 5th November.

It’s the 7th of October today. That gives me less than 30 days to get my butt back into gear and be fit and ready for a short course triathlon.

It’s a baby-tri, really, but I love having the option of starting out the season with a mini-course. For me it’s all about getting the mind and body into the right frame of mind, and remembering what to do in those transitions. Plus, it’s really hard to be ready for a longer swim with the pool not open and the water still green… so a short

200 meter swim, 10km bike ride, 2km run

is a nice way to start the season off. Do-able even with minimal training time.

Today was pretty quiet at work, so I slipped away a little early, and decided to go for a run. I decided to use the outside track, and felt good enough to go around twice. So I did 3.6km. I didn’t time myself, because speed wasn’t the point (and I might have been quite disappointed). The point was to seriously just start again and enjoy and see how far I could go.

Once again, I knew I had the stamina to go further, but my form was starting to fall apart and that invariably leads to sore knees, so I called it a day at 3.6 and hopped on my bike.

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve been on my bike. It felt rather foreign, to be honest, and I think something’s slightly out-of-place on it, because I felt a lot of pressure on my knees – unless that was just a carry-over from the run? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe I’ll try to organise a bike fitting in Albany or Bunbury next time we’re in one of those towns.

Anyway, I was only meaning to go for a very short ride. 1.5kms to visit Mat and then take the long way home, which would have been about 4km. But he wasn’t at work when I pulled up, so I thought I’d just head around the corner to the BP where he buys lunch (yes, it was after 3pm, but sometimes he forgets to eat … how does anyone forget to eat?!) but he wasn’t there either, and so I let the momentum of the ride take me around the corner and down Police Pools Road.

What I haven’t mentioned up to this point is that I didn’t put any nicks (padded bike shorts) on. I wasn’t going to go far. This ride was just about enjoying it, getting back into it, making the bike my friend again…

So 5km later with no nicks and the start of a sore nether region, I turned around. I solemnly swear that shall not ride my bike again without the lovely padding provided by my bike shorts. Seriously. How did I ever get on without them?

I remember first feeling rather odd about having the padded seat when I got my first pair of bike shorts – that whole ‘diaper’ sensation. But now, even though they don’t 100% eliminate pressure or chaffing in the below areas, the respite it can offer is amazing.

I am very pleased to have done this short training session today. It feels like the beginning again.


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