Share Time!

I just wanted to share a few things going on in my head, and a few links to some of my new favourite sites… Happy Clicking!

  • A few great new moves that my poor unsuspecting Circuit Ladies are going to be facing in the next few days. FUN! (video)
  • New recipe I want to try: Avocado Fries! Yes please! Hello! Nom!
  • Girl Effect – lately I’ve been thinking more and more about the importance of self-esteem in young women. I don’t know if this is just because I see them so often in my work at the Leisure Centre and I worry about them and want more for them. (Is this my maternal instinct surfacing?) Or maybe the ties of women-to-stuff-to-sustainability are just becoming more apparent in my mind (women mend and nurture and bond and we need so much more of this and yet our women are so oppressed in so many ways….but I digress.) This site is a great starting point on a topic that resonated with me. Watch the intro video and decide if it’s something YOU feel is important too.
  • Likewise, Girls on the Run, a site/program/movement I may have mentioned before, does great work building confidence, self-esteem and reliance in girls on a more ‘at home’ level. I’d love to start up a Girls on the Run chapter here in my little town!
  • I have also become seriously concerned about the Turtles. You know I stopped eating Tuna because of the turtles and the horrible destruction caused by tuna fleets and their netting processes in this post here. And now there’s a turtle disease too… The poor turtles. Who will eat the jelly fish when the turtles are gone? Please, if you do nothing else to save the turtles, please TIE your plastic bags in a knot and cut the handles. .. Hey, why are you using plastic shopping bags anyway??
  • I’ve been reading and really enjoying the third book in the Mistborn Trilogy. (It’s a fairly average website, it reminds me of the ‘cutting edge’ stuff we were doing back in the early 90s .. oh good old dial-up and html coding…. but I digress (again!)) The author, Brandon Sanderson (that can’t be his real name, can it?) does a great job of making me go “Oh, I get it” and then making me go “Oh, no I didn’t get it, I was totally wrong.” The books keep me guessing and that keeps me reading. It’s been a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see how things turn out! Only 350 pages to go!

I’d love to know if you enjoyed any of these sites, or what books you’re reading, or anything else you’d like to share! It’s Share Time! 🙂


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