I was planning on going for a run today

But my body had other ideas.

Friday I noticed a scratchy sore throat, and more or less ignored it.

Saturday, I had a headache and felt dehydrated. I drank lots of water and more or less ignored it.

This morning I was determined to get up and go for a short run, just to get the legs used to running again and to stick to my training schedule.

So I woke up, and felt pretty dry and sore. Had a lot of water. Felt hungry. Ate two pieces of toast. Felt pretty sloshy in the tummy. Decided to lay down for 15 minutes to digest before running.

An hour-and-a-half later I woke up, still feeling dry and sore, still feeling that headache.

Mat, in the meantime, has been suffering from eye strain, and a wicked headache, fevers, body aches, and the rest of it. and is spending a lot of time asleep or resting.

I tried to ignore it.

But finally I had to admit that all I wanted to do was sleep and rest and fight off whatever this is.

It’s not like me to get sick so much. I usually get hit with one good hard sickness a year, usually a flu or something, and generally I can take some cold and flu medicine and keep going. I was that sick in August and I thought that was pretty much it for the year. To get sick enough to stop me from doing stuff again only a month later is quite frustrating. I always took pride in having a strong constitution!

So, I’ve taken my vitamins. I’m resting, I’m drinking soothing lemon and honey, and I’m drinking heaps of water. Hopefully, another restful day today will be all I need to get over the hump and let my body do the fighting and healing it needs to.

Are you the type who catches every little sneeze and sniffle going around, or do you normally hold up pretty well against what’s going around?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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