I Woke Up in an Attack Class

Half-way through an Attack class, after struggling though first peak and then having my arms oblitterated by the upper body weakening strengthening track, I suddenly found myself awake and alert!

After spending the week in a daze, after being too tired to be optimally productive, I dragged myself to an Attack class. I went because I knew I should, not necessarily because I wanted to.

I haven’t been to an Attack class in weeks. I haven’t gone for a run. I can barely count my silly 20 minutes of Zumba as cardio. So, I was actually quite nervous about getting back into it. I had done Pump and Balance on Monday and Wednesday, and was feeling quite sore. I figured my legs would give out on me, and that I would be too out of shape to get through the class.

And I was struggling a bit through the first half. Just going through the motions more or less. It was taking a lot of concentration. But then, suddenly, my body awoke and so did my brain! It felt like I was waking up for the first time in days! And wow it felt good!

Suddenly I was noticing everything! I was feeling good, but tired, sweaty – not sweaty enough! It was time to push harder!! The second peak was twice as good as the first, even it if was harder, because I was really experiencing it!

It seems that I forgot I was a cardio junkie! And that I was in need of a great big cardio fix!

Having such a great experience just reinforces that exercise energises and revitalises me! And cardio is the best source of that ‘fix’. Yes, I absolutely love and adore Balance – the calming yoga and tai chi, the core challenges of pilates. And Pump is great. I know how important weight training is, especially if I want to be tight and toned, and hopefully ‘ripped’ again one day…

Ah, but Cardio… that makes me human.

I went to bed tired last night, and slept very deeply – just another great reason to work out more!

I became doubly-resolved to follow my new training plan and get in more exercise!


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