Goals for October and November

I haven’t set any clear goals for awhile, I’ve just being flying by the seat of my pants.

Well, that’s not entirely true, I set some great one and two year goals awhile back, and they have given me a general sense of purpose and direction, and I refer to them often, but I think it’s definitely time to get specific and set some monthly goals again, because the ‘seat of my pants’ is getting bigger and lazier! 🙂

Here are my key goals for the next month (with two target dates to focus my training efforts):

  1. Train for the short course of the Dumbleyung Triathlon on 5th November. That’s only a 200m swim, 7km cycle, 2km run. But since our pool doesn’t open until 5th November, there won’t be much time for swim training, so I reckon that’s a good starting point.
  2. The Dumbleyung will lead nicely to the Katanning Triathlon on 20th November, where I intend to do the sprint tri, which is 500m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run
  3. To that end, I have created a training calendar, and I am going to get up tomorrow morning and do whatever it is I am supposed to do. No more excuses. True, some things I can’t do – like go for a swim, but I can, and will do the hip, knee and leg strengthening exercises, extra core training, start running again and ride my damn bike.
  4. Start playing with my horse again. I have set a ‘play date’ with a friend for this weekend so we can help each other with our horses. Two fearful ladies trying to get get back in the saddle, quite litterally, should be an interesting exercise.
  5. Spend four hours every week assisting with paperwork for Mat’s business. I just have not been contributing the way I have promised.

I am not going to set too many goals for this month. I feel out of practice and a bit harried by the new schedule, but I feel like I’ve settled in somewhat and I’ll be able to spend more time training, especially now that the days are getting longer.

That feels good! Now I feel refocused! Much better! 🙂


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