Collection or Obsession

I’m sure there’s a fine line between collecting something and being obsessed with something.

People collect all sorts of things, but I think it can become a bit of an obsession or an addiction at some point. And clearly, the person doing the collecting is not the best judge of when things have gone a little bit off the rails. I think of the little bitties who collect salt and pepper shakers or spoons or tea pots and end up with whole rooms full of these things. Anyone else find that a little odd or disturbing?

But there is often some sort of compulsion, when it comes to things we collect.

And I am pretty sure everyone collects something.

As it turns out, I collect teas.

I went to the shop today, and although tea was not on my list and I still have plenty to choose from, despite telling myself “you really don’t need another kind of tea” … into my shopping basket went two new flavours. “Yes, but they’re new and they sound neat…”

Oh dear!

This, from a girl whose only hot drink was hot chocolate prior to moving to Australia.


Coffee? Rank!

Tea? Iew!

Now I have a fine collection.

Here’s my list of teas (so you know what you have to choose from if you ever come over to my house):

  • Chamomile
  • Sleepytime Vanilla = Chamomile and Vanilla (mmm vanilla… do they make vanilla tea?)
  • Tension Tamer = Chamomile, Eleuthera, Mint, Cinnamon, Ginger and a few other things… this is a new one from today, will try it tonight

(One might think I have trouble sleeping, but that’s rarely true.)

  • Black Tea (in bags and leaf)
  • Earl Grey Tea (in bags and leaf) – which I loved until I gave up sugar. Now I don’t like it. It’s only good with a teaspoon of sugar, and Earl Grey was my go-to tea! I’m actually kind of sad about this…
  • Italian Almond Tea = Black tea with Almond. This was a new purchase today. It sounded interesting. It’s not too bad. Prefer it with milk, as it is slightly bittersweet.
  • Chai Tea = spiced black tea in bags. Lovely. Chai is a delightful treat, and although I prefer the syrup because it is super sweet, this Chai has enough cinnamon and other spices to leave the sensation of sweetness without needing to hit up the sugar train! I usually also have the bottle of the syrup on hand, but have allowed myself to run out and have not purchased more. Now I go to the cafe to get one of these, so I only get one occasionally. With the syrup in the house, it’s more like daily!
  • Green Tea. Refreshing!
  • Green Tea and Jasmine. Actually, not a fan of this one, the Jasmine is a bit strong.
  • Rose hip, Lemon grass and Ginger. I bought this for Mat when he was unwell. He has one from time to time and I am pretty sure this is meant to be good for you. That’s probably why I dislike it.
  • Peppermint. Divine treat! Sometimes I get headaches if I drink too much of this, so I have backed off a bit lately, but it’s a really great after dinner drink.
  • Rooibos. Super duper new favourite tea. It’s not caffienated, with a sort of fruity hint (even though it’s a grass and not at all a fruit) and lovely both with and without milk.

That’s 12 different varieties of tea, 15 if you count the leaf/bag/syrup varieties.

I guess that’s not *that* bad… but it is clearly a collection. Probably not yet an obsession.

What do you collect?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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