I miss you guys…

It’s been a busy few weeks.

I haven’t updated or written anything. I haven’t even started a draft post since my last post! And I really miss blogging, reflecting, connecting! I miss you guys!

I keep telling myself I’ll settle in and it’ll get better, it’ll be quieter, and I’ll be able to get back to some ‘me time’ and this is all an adjustment period. And that’s probably true.

But can it be over now!? I don’t wanna do any more adjusting! 😉

I haven’t been running lately, and I can sure tell. My ankles are feeling weak and occasionally quite sore, and that probably means that I need to get into the gym and do some stability-alignment work and hit the pavement again soon.

But I am settling in to my new work schedule, which is more or less 8:30-4:30, plus a bit of extra for classes and filling in when staff get sick or whatever. Because I used to work frequent late shifts, I used to have these nice wide open morning blocks of time to myself that I really loved. They were my run, cook, clean, chill, blog times. Now that they’re gone I will have to really be conscious of how I use the time I do have left to myself.

Anyway, poor excuse that it is, I just haven’t committed the energy to getting up a little earlier and going for a morning run yet. I actually feel that this isn’t the right time to add in another ‘job’ or ‘to do’ because I come home from work really tired. I know exercise can energise, but I don’t want to drain myself either. I’m still exercising, just not running, and I am happy to live with that decision for the time being.

Last weekend we went away, and it was such a delight.

Mat had a job in the bush somewhere doing a mobile repair, so I did Balance training in the bush, in the sunshine and shade of the trees, in the dirt and leaves, and it was awesome! Sun Salutations are aptly named when you actually get to salute the sun and breathe in the fresh air!

We spent the remainder of the weekend at his parents and relaxed and did next to nothing. It was so nice. I don’t think I should move to Margaret River. I might end up so relaxed I never do anything except eat, sleep, read, watch home reno shows, and debate the intricacies of the political/economical/environmental systems of the world.

Sounds fun, doesn’t pay well 😛

I launched the new release of Balance last night and it went really well despite the microphone battery dieing in track two. Clever me thought there was a fresh battery on the shelf, but it was also dead! So I did the class without a mic, and it still went well.

In fact, one of my regulars said that it was probably one of my best launches ever! Now that’s nice to hear! Thanks E!!

I also went to the Pump and Step launches this week! Those were heaps of fun!

My legs are sure thanking me for it! I need a few more of those awesome workouts, let me tell you!

This is what the rest of my weekend looks like:

  • Tomorrow is going to be a monster day, but I think I have it under control. It might get a little chaotic, but we’ll manage (we always do).
  • Saturday I have to do a bit of work, taking a new employee through opening and closing procedures, and then Mat and I are heading to the hardware store and ordering our decking! Double-Yay!
  • And finally, Sunday I am going to E’s baby shower! I’m suppose to provide a simple and fun decorated recipe for a little cook book… how to choose!? I might do more than one. And we’re going to play games – this isn’t just a presents and cake kind of event! There’s never a dull moment at an event with E!

I hope things will settle at work next week and I can come home from work on time, feeling energised (or at least not wiped out) and share a few exciting insights into the world of exercise, leadership, food and me!! 🙂


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