Better than Imagined

Bouncing, Jumping, Springing

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!

Don’t you love it when things go better than planned?

Sometimes you can only do your near to best, give something most of what it deserves, and hope for the best.

Last night was our Body Odyssey Launch of the new Les Mills releases for the quarter. Odyssey is our way of drumming up a bit of business by giving participants a sneak peek of each of our four Les Mills programs. Three tracks of Pump, three of Step, three of Attack, and three of Balance, followed by a cooldown stretch. It’s a whole lot of fun! We have had many participants wish they could do a ‘mix-up’ every week!

Last quarter we had four people on stage, dimmed the stadium lights, had flashing coloured stage lighting and a smoke machine! It was a BIG DEAL! It had been pumped up to huge proportions!

Unfortunately, this time, Kobie, the driving force behind our fitness classes at KLC, had been very sick for a good two weeks. Without her pushing, driving, marketing, talking up and promoting the Odyssey launch, we were nervous. Plus, without her able to teach a part of the class, we were missing out on an essential component and really missing her energy and leadership.

Yes, we other girls did our near to best to organise, practice, and promote the launch. We tried, but we had other priorities to take care of too. We weren’t sure it was enough.

At 5:30pm on Thursday night we had 7 names on the list for launch.

And we were really nervous!!

The last launch we had 30 names on the list and only 22 people came to the launch. What does that mean for our 7 names?!

Despite that, I was optimistic. I confidently announced to our manager that we would get 15 people to the launch.

But at 6pm we were closer to the 7 participants mark.

And then they started rolling in!

And suddenly, we had 17 enthusiastic, smiling, Pumping, Stepping, Balancing participants who sometimes even let out a ‘whoohoo’!!!

No lights or smoke.

No hoopla.

Just great music, fabulous instructors, and super support from DJ Kobie!

I was on a high all night! I left the stadium bouncing, I bounced all the way home, I grinned for ages afterwards! I think I was probably a bit annoying and motor-mouthing for a good hour before I finally came back down to planet earth.

I think half the enthusiasm and the half the high was actually from the fact that it just went so much better than any of us could have ever imagined!

When was the last time something went better than you imagined?!


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