Lessons Learned

This is day three into my first week as ‘the boss.’ On Monday, I moved into the ‘big office’ and took over the ‘big desk’. And I have learned a few things:

  1. Cleaning is cathartic. A clean desk is like a cool breeze on a hot day.
  2. I can get a surprising amount of stuff done when left to my own devices.
  3. I still can’t get as much done as I’d like.
  4. Sometimes all you can do is shuffle papers from one pile to another, there is simply nowhere else for them to live.
  5. Administration, if performed correctly, can be an art form of its own right.
  6. I could completely burn myself out doing this if I’m not careful.
  7. I could also burn out the people around me if I’m not careful.
  8. Sometimes you just have to leave, because no matter what, there will always be something else to do. It will still be there if no one else can take care of it. (I must learn to leave.)
  9. Slow down, breathe, carry on.
  10. Not everyone needs ‘leadership’ or ‘direction’ they just need to know that they are trusted and being supported. Then again, others need every minute scheduled for them, and they seem to like it that way. The trick is knowing when to apply each measure.
  11. Prioritising sounds easy (do what is urgent first, spend time working on important tasks every day, delegate anything else you can) but it is not easy. There is always another persons point of view to take into consideration.
  12. Incredibly, knowing that you have the authority to make a decision and that you will wear it if it goes wrong makes it much simpler to just make a decision.

It’s been a fun and educational three days. I know there will be lots more to learn, but probably not in the thick and fast way these last few days have been. Hopefully once this week is over, things will be quite settled, and I’ll have had a bit more of a chance to talk to the team and see how they are feeling and how things are shaping up for them.

We all go through learning curves when taking on new jobs, starting new projects, or even picking up a new hobby. What are some of the big lessons you’ve learned in a new situation?


4 responses to “Lessons Learned

  1. I’ll add that to my list of things learned 🙂
    I do realise I could quite easily send myself around the twist if I’m not careful! I’ll try to not over-analyse everything, though that can be a little like trying to not breathe 🙂 I’m sure it’s all about balance. Isn’t everything about balance? 🙂

    I just took a quick peek at your site, very fun! I hope you don’t get any more beetles … ick!

  2. Balance is definitely everything!
    And if you’re the boss, then maybe a treat or two will endear you to people 🙂

    Thanks 🙂 Ah, those buggers. They’d better not come back – my patience and humanity will only stretch so far….!

    • We had a staff meeting yesterday and on your suggestion, I had a few bowls of chips/crisps to share around. I’m totally on the road to being endeared now! 🙂 Thanks for the pointer! hehehe

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