Super Spring!

Spring is in the air! 🙂

Everyone’s excited!

Oh how I adore Spring!

In Australia, they arbitrarily pick the 1st day of each quarter to be the start of a new season. 1st September is the first day of Spring here. Very practical of them, really. I mean, why wait for an equinox if you don’t have to?

But Spring has been coming since well before the 1st of September. A few weeks ago, when then winds were crazy, and it seemed really bleak and miserable, I felt that they were the winds of change. No, the weather wasn’t any warmer, it just wasn’t as cold.

This week, we’ve thrown off the top blanket on our bed. I’m considering changing from flannel to cotton sheets this weekend. Yes, it is still cool in the wee hours and evenings, and it’s a good idea to wear a jumper, that can be easily slipped off and carried when the sun shines and the wind dies.

The days are also getting longer. This week I went for a run after work and I didn’t have to run in the dark at 6pm! I am waking up quite happily at 6:30am, with no alarm clock, and staying up later. I am so much happier and content. I don’t feel like I’m living in the dark anymore.

And the flowers are blooming, the birds are busy everywhere. Sure, in Australia, the birds never really go away, but mating season – and soon swooping season – are here. Everything is alive again! The grass is green and growing. We’ve been inspired to put our garden in again. And more importantly, we’ve had time after work to do it, since it’s not pitch black or frosty anymore.

I don’t doubt we’ll have another turn or two of really cold weather. And some rain, and some crazy hot days. But spring is like that: volatile, dramatic. I adore spring. It’s my favourite season.

This got me thinking…

I was born in Spring. I wonder if when you were born affects your preference for the seasons?

I mean, Summer is awesome! I love the heat and the consistency, and the daylight. The gatherings, the barbeques, the late long lazy days.

And Autumn is lovely too, with the changing colours, and warm crisp days that beg for you to get out and savour the last of the sun.

And even Winter, where I struggle so much, still has beauty that can move me. A hoar-frost on a bright morning, or the sun dogs in the afternoon. A crazy patterned frost on the windows, the first blanket of snow.

But nothing seems to compare to the promise that is Spring. For me, Spring is like coming up for air after being submerged in the darkness of Winter.

What about you? What season were you born in? Is it your favourite season? If not, what is your favourite?


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