I kind of lied

Not a big lie, more of an ommision…

You see, I know I mentioned that we went to Margaret River for the weekend, and that we went shopping for an oven, and came home with a couch instead.

What I failed to mention was that we *DID* bring home an oven.

Of sorts.

Here it is:

1950s Vulcan Oven

Our 1950s Vulcan Oven

We went shopping up at Pop and Wal’s shed.

You see, Pop and Wal are …. collectors.

And lots of the stuff they collect even works!

Their shed is a veritable wonderland of ‘they don’t make ’em like that anymore, eh boy’ type toys.

Good stuff collected from the tip (dump) that was in too good of shape to throw away, or a friend had a thing that just needed a bit that they can’t get but otherwise it works just fine. And those boys will find those bits and make those things work and maybe even use them. Really, they’re environmentalists through-and-through.

So, when we mentioned we needed an oven, Wal showed us about 5 or 6 different options. We bypassed the wood stoves, the gas stoves, and couldn’t bring home the big full-sized modern electric oven in my car, so we tested two of these little countertop models. Both worked, but I preferred this one, because the other one was even smaller and missing pieces. This one was complete and incredibly, still worked after 50 or more years! How is that even possible?

So we put it in the boot (trunk) of my car and brought it home. And left it there (in the boot). After the excitement of a shiny new couch and plans to redesign the kitchen, this old appliance seemed kind of dull.

And dirty! Oh my goodness! It had leaves and spider webs and years of caked on baked on grease.

But I brought it in Saturday after work, and soaked it down with a whole can of Easy Off Oven (and almost killed everyone in the house, gosh that stuff is noxious) and then reapplied using a second can and allowed the Easy Off to work its magic overnight.

This morning I washed it down, and decided to test the oven out.

By far-and-wide the best way to test an oven is to bake cookies. Hands down. No question.

And they need to be Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

My favourite!!

When I bake, I like to gather up all my supplies and spread out all over the whole kitchen. I use up so much room!

Gathering up the Supplies

Making cookies takes lots of gear!

I felt obligated to whip these bad boys up without the use of my mixer, just to be ‘true to the age of the oven.’ Is that weird?

Then I thought about it some more and realised that appliances and science and gadgets were the thing of the 50s. Some of the best mixers ever built were built then – just ask my Grandma, she still uses hers! But I digress.

I had to put them into small cake tins, as there is limited space in the oven, and my smallest baking sheet is much too large for the oven. But luckily this oven has two shelves, so it took only four batches to get the batter all cooked.

Ready to go into the oven.

Ready to go into the oven. I have to use little baking tins, it's not a very big oven!

Well, except for this little bit… I mean, there was no point baking just TWO little cookies was there?

What to do with the last few mouthfuls - I mean *spoon*fuls?

What to do with the last few mouthfuls - I mean *spoon*fuls?

I should mention, for me, the best part of baking is licking the spoon!

Look how good these turned out. 10 minutes at 375F was what the recipe said, and it was exactly that. Lovely little gems.

Perfect Results

Perfect Results

And I haven’t even eaten one of them! Why would I? I had already eaten about 4 cookies worth of dough!

And the very best bit?

I did it all in my pyjamas.

And I have an oven!

What a great Sunday!


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