Lounging Around

Between work and life and an uncooperative WordPress, I simply have not had time to update anyone on anything going on.

The biggest news of recent weeks is that Mat and I went away for the weekend, visited with the family over in Margaret River and went to Busselton on a fact-finding mission. We were looking for an oven, getting an idea of prices, features, sizes, and what we wanted.

We got LOTS of help from the Good Guys and their prices were awesome! We will probably purchase from them, just because they were so helpful – and they had awesome appliances for sale.

But we also headed to Harvey Norman to compare. Some brilliant stoves – if you want to spend $7,000-$9,000!! Oh so nice! But not in our budget. And some of the other appliances were way over the price of the Good Guys, and no one offered to help us.

On the way out I said, “Let’s look at lounges,” and it all spiralled downhill from there. Suddenly, we were committing to a $2000 purchase and trying to figure out how to get this furniture back to Katanning. The poor poeple in Busselton had never even heard of Katanning… and why would they?

But we did it, we agreed to it, we took a day off work, and we drove, for over three hours to Busselton, picked up the lounge and ottoman, which were way bigger than we remembered. “Maybe we should have measured it?”

Three hours over, an hour to load, go to Bunnings to get a second tarp and more tie downs – it was way bigger than we thought – and three hours home. Back to home sweet home by 5pmish, and then we had to put the damn thing together!

Oh man.

There were some raised voices.

And grunting.

And no instructions provided. We probably wouldn’t have read them anyway. But that’s not the point!!

But we got it together, we sat down, and haven’t gotten up since.

Sooooo comfortable! Such a relief!

It’s got me very excited about painting, lighting, curtains, and other decorating goodies. Like throw cushions. I have always wanted to have a big collection of throw cushions in different colours so I can just change the way a room looks or feels… weird but true tidbit of useless information.

I love how one small thing stimulates a change.

It’s getting late, so will keep this short. I have put photos on facebook, but can’t seem to upload here today. If WordPress becomes more agreeable, I will update this post with a few photos. Pictures are always nice, aren’t they?


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