I’m Back!

Monday was a write-off. I was pretty much unconscious in the fetal position for the entire day.

Fetal position, oh how you comfort me when I am sick.

Tuesday, thanks to correct dosages of some friendly cold and flu medication, I felt good enough to go to work and even got a few things done. But I really wore myself out and was quite shattered that evening, felt even worse when I went to bed, and had a fitfull sleep.

Ever notice when you’re sick how you can get into a position, just one position, and as long as you don’t move, you’re alright? You can breathe, sleep, rest, feel relief? Even if it means your hip and knees or back ache the next morning, it’s way better than the alternative!?

Luckily, I woke up feeling reasonably well this morning, am pacing myself a little better, and feel like I’m on my way back.

I will teach Balance tonight. I will get through this day fully and completely.

I missed two days of “Assignments” from the Be a Better Me Challenge. Day 8 we were meant to Reconnect with a friend (great idea, but I didn’t call anyone, as I was asleep or whining on Monday), and Day 9 we are meant to Explore Procrastination. (I was working, busy, tired, sick…) The irony that I haven’t done that assignment yet is not lost on me 😛

So, I’ll do a little catch up over the next few days, and share the results with you when I have completed the tasks.

Hope you are feeling well! Looking forward to reconnecting with some of you soon! And getting off my butt about something I have been putting off for too long.


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